The 9 food that will help boost the immune system of your body

Asides satisfying hunger cravings, food plays an essential role for the human body.Good food, amongst other things helps boost the immune system, protecting the body from diseases.
Here are 9 great foods that can help boost the immune system:

1. Pineapples: This fruit is packed with nutrients that boosts the body's production of granulocytes, which are what make up white blood cells. The white blood cell is what protects the body against infections.

2. Salmon: Rich in nutrients like immune-boosting omega-3s, protein, vitamin E, and calcium, we highly recommend loading up on this food.

3. Yogurt: It's not for nothing that children are offered yogurt, especially the Greek variety, is rich in nutrients that can help protect the body from diseases.

4. Red pepper: Pepper is packed with capsaicin, a compound which has been linked to offering some serious sinus relief

5. Ugu (spinach): This goes without saying, ugu is packed with all types of healthy compunds.

6. Carrots: What's better than the crunchy tastiness of carrots? The fact that they're contain a high amount of infection-fighting and immune system-regulating vitamin A.

7. Eggs: These are rich in protein, iron and vitamin A - all great for the immune system.

8. Peanut butter: Surprise, surprise, our favourite choice of bread spread is infact packed with vitamin E and cold-fighting antioxidants.

9. Lemon and tea: The heat from tea and the vitamin C of lemon are a winning combination. They're also both laced with nutrients which boosts immune function.
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