The 7 ways to survive depression

How do you survive and not be thrown into depression? And if you are already feeling depressed, how do you turn things around? Read on to find out.

1. Find something to look forward to: It is very important to wake up on a good note. It is a brand new day, and you should not get out of bed already feeling defeated. One way to avoid starting the day terribly is to think of one good thing you are looking forward to.

It could be breakfast, time with your family, being with friends, etc. You should have at least one thing that lifts your spirits before the day begins.

2. Be thankful: As humans, if we have one person better than us and a million people worse off, we tend to only focus on that one person that we consider superior and feel bad about where we are.

This only makes you frustrated. Think about the millions of people who will gladly trade places with you and be grateful for what you do have.

3. Talk to someone: Granted, not everyone can afford a licensed therapist, but religious leaders are usually happy to listen to you for free.

Go to your church or mosque and request to speak with someone about your issues. Even the process of opening up to someone can leave you feeling lighter and a bit more hopeful. Besides, they can give you advice to make things better for yourself.

4. Get your feelings out: Other ways to express your pain can be through singing, dancing, writing, whatever your thing. Find something that makes you feel good and let the bad feelings out through it. 

5. Take solace in the word: If you are religious, taking solace in the word of God could lift your spirits. Often times, it is when you drift away from God that you tend to feel lost. Going back to your Holy book could comfort you more than you can imagine.

6. Limit worries: Worrying helps absolutely nobody. There is a quote, “If your problem has a solution, why worry?  If your problems do not have a solution, why worry.” The point is, worrying has no advantage. It just kills you before you even have to face your problems. Focus on the issues at hand and be hopeful that things will get better.

7. Embrace healthy lifestyle: Do you know that how you treat your body determines how you feel? Most people wake up in the morning feeling light and hopeful, but as soon as they start to load their body up with junk food and useless sugar, they feel bloated and tired.

An obese person who loses a bunch of weight will usually tell you they feel lighter, better and excited about life. This tells you that when you put the wrong things in your body, it can worsen depression. Exercising also release endorphins in your body that makes you feel good.

So try and eat better and exercise more to ward off depression.

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