The Tongue Indicates Health Problems Says Scientists

Who would have thought that our tongue could indicate the signs of illness hidden in your body. At least Indian researchers believe that a stick-your-tongue-out method is one of the best to rely on.

The tongue can signal signs of a cough, fever, jaundice, headache or bowel habits, and helps doctors make their diagnosis. Remember that a healthy tongue should be pink, clean and covered in papillae, which contain taste buds.

 If you’ve noticed any kind of abnormality, it’s a reason to see a doctor for more detailed examination.Read some of the most ‘speaking’ tongue signs that show you are not healthy. Inflamed, red, black or white tongues could be a sign of thrush, while a swollen tongue can be a sign of an allergic reaction.

Meanwhile a black, discoloured tongue is indicative of extended antibiotic use, or a fungal overgrowth in HIV patients. And long furrows on the surface are a sign of the sexually transmitted infection, syphilis.

Ulcers should ring alarm bells, warning of Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

And a ‘beefy and smooth’ tongue might reveal vitamin B12, iron or folate deficiency, and anemia. Moving on to more serious conditions, sores or lumps on the tongue – or unexplained bleeding – can be a sign of mouth cancer.The simple act of checking a tongue is only the first step for further examination and treatment. Forewarned is forearmed, that is why do not hesitate, stand up, go to the mirror, stick you tongue out and see whether you are healthy or not.
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