Health : The Natural alternative on how to manage prostate cancer you need to know

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men with over 200,000 new cases and above 30,000 death per year – according to the National Cancer Institute in the US; this is why it is imperative to do all you can to prevent this disease.

The good news is you can now naturally protect yourself from this disease, or manage it appropriately if you are already a victim of prostate cancer, or prostate enlargement or any form of prostate abnormality.

 This you can achieve without resulting to financially wrecking conventional treatment options which leaves the victims far worse with very little survival rate.

The reality is that most conventional approach to cancer management have been proven to do more harm than good.According to Dr John Laszlo, senior vice president for research, American Cancer Society, “when chemotherapy and radiation are given together, secondary tumours occur about 25 times more than the expected rate”.

 Dr Laszlo added “chemo drugs are poisonous not as a side effect but as a primary effect”.In his book ‘Conquering Cancer’, Dr Lucien Isreal, oncologist and consultant to the National Cancer Institute said several studies had shown that people who undergo radiation therapy are more likely to have their cancer spread to other sites in the body.

Dr William Kelley says surgical biopsy – a procedure used to detect early stage cancer can also contribute to the spread of cancer. He added that surgery weakens immunity and places great systemic stress on the patient and can cause sudden death.

In all of these, it is increasingly becoming more obvious why most cancer patients (including prostate cancer) have very low chances of survival after spending all the money and going through all the pains.

In order to defeat cancer and ensure there is no recurrence, the body must be brought into balance and the immune system rebuilt and fine tuned. In other words, cancer (including prostate cancer) can only be cured with high powered nutrition supported with appropriate lifestyle changes.

There are numerous documented cases of cancer cure with natural approaches that encompass all the basic principles of healing that are compatible with the body’s self healing mechanism.

Maybe you are asking at this juncture; Why are these natural approaches not used by orthodox medical establishments?

The answer is not far fetched – natural products cannot be patented, and anything that cannot be patented is ignored by the orthodox medical establishment. After all, we cannot rule out business interest in modern medicine!

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