Business Tips: See The 5 basic tips to increase your sales through law of attraction

Law of attraction is beyond beauty, you might think this article would be on beauty tips, that may involve but this article wouldn’t be on beauty tips. Attractiveness means having the power to attract. I want you to get your mind prepare for a change in your company. 

1. Never come desperate 

When it comes to making sales, don't come desperate, it's been said that what you are is what you attracts. The more desperate you are the less the chances that you will attract the right people. You won’t know what you will negotiate when you are desperate. 

It’s one of the things that can drive people away from you. People will feel somehow when you come strong at them. 

The law of attraction works in the sense that your clients must be interested in your products, it must not be one sided. If you are begging your clients to buy your products, you will definitely beg them to come back for more. 

Don't make it look as if you your products are not good and you are looking for ways to dispose them. Let them know what they stand to gain if your product is in their possession and let them know what they stand to lose by not buying your product. 

2. Healthy self esteem 

People will only see you the way you see yourself. As an entrepreneur you must try your possible best to work on yourself. Have a healthy self-esteem to be able to market yourself well. People will never place you above where you place yourself. The value you put on yourself and your products will determine how attractive your products would be. 

Being attractive starts from the value you place on yourself. It doesn’t start with what people are saying about you. There are seven laws of value and one of them is the price of a thing. Whatever price paid on a thing determines the value of that thing. 

You may produce the same product with your friend but the price you place on your product determines how valuable people will see it and prefer it to your friend’s product. You must have a healthy self-esteem. All your products are important and they can solve people’s problem. Confidence has a way of making you attractive. 

When introducing your products to people, be confident in yourself and your services. Value yourself and market yourself well. Self-esteem controls everything that we do. Self-esteem determines what you will take from people and what you will not. Most entrepreneurs in Nigeria are taking things that are less than them because they don’t even value their services. People love to buy valued products. 

3. Be Approachable 

As an entrepreneur, you need to keep on showing up everyday. Don’t let your clients find your products difficult to access or get. Being consistent is the key to success. 

Showing up today, disappearing tomorrow won’t let your clients get use to you and your services. Don’t bother to start if you know you cannot motivate yourself to keep on showing up even when things are not happening the way you wanted. Be approachable and treat your clients how you want to be treated. 

Tell them how important they are to you and your company. People tend to remember those who made them feel the most important. Solve their problems and honor their uniqueness. Be the kind of person that people would always like to be around. Be approachable, always put a smile on your face, don’t behave as if the world is crashing on you. People love to work with an enthusiastic person. 

Don't you ever transfer one customer's aggression on the other, in case you've been doing that please change because it will drive people away from you. Being saucy won’t take our company to greater heights or the place of your dreams. 

4. Lottery systems 

There is no doubt, Nigerians love free stuff. Learn how to offer free services. People love the opportunity to win free things. Giving away some of your services or products has a way of making you attracting more clients to your company and does very positive and interesting things for your company. 

It gives you the opportunity to prove that your services are valuable and show that your products really work. In the process of doing this if any customer finds value in your services they would pay money for it willingly. The weakness of most of customers is free service because there is nothing to lose. 

They see it as an opportunity to enjoy your services without spending any money. Lottery system will draw more customers to your business because you give them the chance to experience and see some thing that would have been hidden about your services and you prove to them that your door is always open to accommodate them and have their problems solved. 

5. Rebranding 

Never stop rebranding. The reason why many entrepreneurs are out of the market is because they refused to rebrand their products. Anytime people are complaining about your products then it is time for rebranding. People no longer go for Nokia phones because they refused to come down to the Nigerians level. 

They were producing Microsoft phones that are difficult for Nigerians to operate, so Nigerians prefer Android phones to Microsoft phones. 

Have you ever noticed that everyday a new and another feature must be add to Facebook and Instagram? Facebook and Instagram would have become a story if Mark Zukarberg refused to rebrand. That is one of the mistakes entrepreneurs in Nigeria are making. 

Rebranding is what makes Henry Ford to be more attractive to average Americans because he decides to produce cars that everyone could afford and that year he recorded more sales than before. 

Rebranding makes your products more attractive than before. Ask your clients questions on what they don't like about your product and do something about it Packaging your product the way it was packaged last year will destroy your credibility and drive more clients away from you your company. 

These tips are simple but they are effective. Just do what you can do to attract more customers to your business. Use the law of attraction to your advantage. 
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