Career Tips: The 5 reasons people give up on their dreams

Look around you and you will be amazed at what you see. So many people started with a burning desire, a passion indescribable, and a well determined success oriented mindset. But where are they today? 

They choose to give up! JK Rowling’s famous book, Harry Potter was rejected by 26 publishers before she finally got published. Some even advised her to change the content. But she didn’t. Your dream is your dream and it doesn’t have to be clear to others, exactly how it is to you. 

JK Rowling stood up for what she believes in and she didn’t let go of her dream. Harry Potter didn’t only became a success, but it became one of the best books to have been published on earth. 

Now, in my study I can visualize all these publishers scratching their heads. What a miss for them and what a gain for Rowling because their rejection set her on the right path. 

When you try at first, there is a chance that you might not get what you want. That doesn’t mean you should give up. What you need is your inner strength and the big question is your willpower as strong as your dreams? 

Those rejections you are facing are meant to toughen you up. Steve Jobs, still one of my favorite hero on planet earth. Steve finds it very hard to implement his Apple idea. No capital, no investment, no rich family money, no rich friends to support. All these deficiency couldn’t stop him. His will power is even far powerful than his dream. He pulled out more than a thousand calls looking for investors. 

Form 1 to 1000 he couldn’t find any. As at then, his ideas where rubbish. They find it so difficult to believe him. They couldn’t comprehend. But the most important thing is that Steve has a clear vision and he sticks to it. Luckily for him, far above a thousand calls, he got an investor. Yes! He is human, because I can hear you say “he isn’t human, because it’s not possible”. 

Let’s just say, there are few people who can go to any lent to actualize their dreams. Steve is one of those. Apple became the most valuable company on earth and I still wonder, “a company built from noting?” 

Your dream or vision doesn’t have to make sense to everyone you shared it with, just let it makes sense to you. 

5 secrets for people giving up easily 

1. Lack of clear vision 

You have a dream, I have a dream. But how well can you interpret what you envisioned. People get tired after struggling for so long trying to make a mark but couldn’t. They say to themselves “this dream is useless” Your dream will be useless if you can’t attach a specific meaning to it. If your vision is blurry, your results will be more blurry. 

2.Too many consultation 

Seeking a good counsel is always a smart move. But when you gather too much opinion on what to do with your ideas, you are setting a trap for yourself and you are doomed to fail. Too many consultation will confuse you. 

You will be forced or compel to change your idea and even worse. Why not work hard and see where those ideas can get you. 

You seek for counsel when the greatest counselor is within you. Your instincts are your best guide, but sadly most people are robbed of this great companion because of mind blockages. Be sure of what you want and follow your heart.  

3. Fear of failure 

Why most people give up is that they are too scared to fail or should I say success terrifies them. They can’t just imagine themselves fail. Failure is just a word and it’s a huge part of success. There is no fire without a smoke, so also there is no success story without failure. It’s more honorable to try and fail, than not to try at all. 

4. Self doubt 

We have so many people with great potentials. But they choose to live their lives based on ‘what if’. If you can’t believe in yourself to accomplish a task, then don’t even dream. An idea not conceived is far better than an idea conceived without implementation. A fish is better of in the river. Believe that you can and you will. 

5. Setting Unrealistic Goals 

What are the characteristics of a realistic goal? 

A goal has to be SMART 

• It has to be Specific. You need to know exactly what you want 

• It has to be Measurable. You need to be able to quantify your expectations 

• It has to be Achievable. You are the one setting the goal, so don’t exceed your willpower. You don’t need to lie to yourself 

• A goal has to be Realistic. Make sure you know your ways. Make sure you know the best means to achieve your goals even before you set any. 

• A goal has to be Time-Bond. You need to put a time frame to it. Have a specific time you want to achieve that particular thing. Once you miss any of the steps above, your ways around achieving your dream or goals becomes a maze. 

Abandoning your dream should never be an option if you know what to do. You are closer to success than you think. You’ve not tried everything yet and right before success there is a dark place (it’s always the most scary part of any endeavor). Your past failures does not predict the future. If you quit, someone else will finish the job. 

Please have it in mind that, the world does not owe you anything and you don’t need fate to smile on you before you can make a mark on destiny. You can create your own inheritance, you can create your own opportunities, you can be whoever you want to be. It all depends on you. 
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