Food Tips: Check out this 8 wonderful tips to make Nigerian chin-chin

Chin-chin is one of Nigeria’s most popular snack, with flour, butter, sugar, eggs as its main ingredients while other ingredients and spices such as milk, nutmeg, cinnamon and food flavors can be added in to enhance its taste, this however is due to preference. 

All of these ingredients are mixed together to form the chin-chin dough, which is now cut into desired shapes and fried in hot oil. As simple as ABC! My girls worked so hard on this recipe, especially in cracking the eggs, passing me ingredients and cutting, even though I gave them blunt table knives, they were more than happy to work with me. 

Chin-chin time! Ingredients 

1) Flour 600g  

2) Butter 250g 

3) Granulated sugar 200g 

4) 2 cups of powdered milk 

5) 2 eggs 

6) Nutmeg 20g 

7) Vegetable oil for frying 


1) Add the butter and sugar into a clean bowl and cream lightly as you would when making a cake, just enough to incorporate the butter and sugar, not too much. 

2) Now add the flour, powdered milk and nutmeg into the bowl, mix thoroughly with your clean hands until the flour looks like bread crumbs. 

3) Crack the eggs and whisk them in a bowl, set this aside. 

4) Now make a hole in the middle of the flour and pour in the whisked eggs, then work this mixture with your hands until all of the ingredients form a perfect dough'. 

Cooks tip:

If you find the dough too hard, you can mix the powdered milk with a cup of water, before adding into the mixture, then, mix until the dough is soft yet stretchy. Set this aside. 

5) Flour a clean flat surface and cut a chunk of the dough, roll this out with a rolling pin and cut the flattened dough into any desired shape until all of the dough has been used up. 

6) Place your oil in a clean wok on the burner, allow to heat up properly. 

7) Fry the chin-chin in small batches making sure not to over crowd the pan, once it is beginning to brown, turn the chin-chin around to make sure all sides are well fried.  

8) Once it is golden brown, transfer from the oil onto paper towels to cool and to soak up excess oils and your chin-chin is ready to be munched! I serve my kids the chin-chin with warm bottles of cocoa powder flavored milk. 

Try this recipe now and tell me how it goes.  

Knowledge is power 

Education is the best legacy. 

Food Tips: Check out this 8 wonderful tips to make Nigerian chin-chin Food Tips: Check out this  8 wonderful tips to make Nigerian chin-chin Reviewed by Muyiwa Abodunrin (Muyilight) on 17:17:00 Rating: 5

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