Safety Tips: Check out this 5 reasons Nigerian drivers must undergo brain test

Have you ever heard the slang that says : ''if you can drive in Nigeria, you can drive anywhere ” . Nigeria has the highest number of reckless and untaught drivers. 

They can be so funny at times and most time it is very annoying if you are not used to their method of driving. It mostly crazy! And when I said every driver, I’m not talking only about the bus, can or lorry drivers out there. 

I’m definitely talking about everyone who has a car, drives a cab or has an intention of falling into those category in this lifetime. 

You must know these five reasons drivers should be taken to Aslyum 

1. Misusage of car horn. 

Nigeria driver do not use car horn for the purpose for which it was created. They only use the horn when they are in a hurry to get to where they need to be. If you stay in a student Area like myself, you will realize these drivers sometimes do not their horns at all. 

They believe you should stay away once you sight them. Most of them will be so close to killing you before they put their horns on use. 

2. Driving why it’s raining. 

A lot of people has passed away, of course I mean people have net their death due to mistakes like this which could have been avoided. How on earth would a a sensible driver drives his car while it’s raining. 

It is not ethical and standard. In other outside country, whenever the raining is falling, people get to park their car along the road just avoid unnecessary death that might be caused by accident. While in Nigeria people do this a lot. I’m not sure of other African countries, but people drive while it is raining in Nigeria. 

The most annoying is you will find some of them driving at high speed, endangering their own lives and the life of others on the road at that particular moment. 

3. Two passenger at the front seat. 

I am not sure if other Africa countries do this but I know it is very noticeable in Nigeria especially Kwara state, this is my point, carrying two people at the front seat makes me feel the driver needs a brain check up. There’s only a seat belt in the front seat which means the maker of the car made the front seat for just a passenger. 

Then the worst that started happening recently is carrying four passenger at the back seat. I think Nigeria driver should be reorientated, that is if they ever had any orientation before driving. Places like Gambia, and even Kenya do not do this, why is it happening here in Nigeria? 

4. Misusage of seat belt. 

I have had to ask driver if they really know why their passenger needs to make use of the seat belt? Most often I get to know that most of this drivers do not even have an idea of why their passenger needs to use the seat belt. 

Seat belt was made with the car in order to safeguard the passenger should an accident occur but Nigerians are disobedient people who do not value their own life or the life of others. I feel everyone who does not place value on other people’s life should actually be taken to a mental home, he or she could be a threat to the society. 

5. Throwing of trash while driving. 

We call ourselves group of learned people and yet we do things meant for unlearned people to do.About ninety percent of people in Nigeria do this. Imagine if you are in a car driving behind another car whose passenger decided to throw a used nylon into the air, then it ends up covering the face of the driver behind. 

Yes, an accident will occur, people might end up losing their lives right? That will be due to one man’s lackadaisical behavior, don’t you think Nigeria drivers should be taken to asylum? Better still what do you think about building an asylum for everyone who drives in Nigeria. 
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