Business Tips: Articles: The 5 ways of selling your brands on social media

The beautiful thing about social media is that making a name and building an audience on it, is as easy as having a phone with internet connection from the comfort of your home – your bedroom even!

Just in case you missed it, here are 5 things you need to know about selling yourself and your brand to as many people as possible to get you the greatest feedback that will translate to recognition and, of course, cash.
1.Have something tangible to show:
The first step to grabbing attention on social media is actually having something to sell – be it a product or a service. You cannot build an empire off social media if you have nothing to sell; this does not refer to just having something to throw at people’s faces, but having something good, something worthwhile, something of quality, something different.
Make it good before coming to show the world what you have to offerOne thing you should remember about social media is that there is no hiding place for your trash, you get real time responses and if what you are selling is rubbish, it will be pointed out to you immediately by the impatient online audience you are trying to attract.
2. Work on your craft/product:
It’s a fast world we live in right now and everybody is going for the next big thing; what this means is that there is no room for you to sit down and get comfortable, you have to keep striving for what is new, what is trending and what is being desired.
People want the latest and the best, if you don’t keep up, you will be thrown out of the hustle. Stay updated and come up with new things, this will keep you relevant.
3. Be engaging:
Everybody wants to be where they get the most engagement these days, the online audience find this entertaining. Put up posts that don’t just require likes, but comments as well. People want something to react to, something to make them think, something to make them feel something, something to vent and express their emotions about and that is what your page should do.
The more you can keep people engaged, the more they will keep coming back, bringing their friends, of course.
4. Use appropriate tools:
So many tools are available on social media platforms to help you with your efforts to grab the large audience you require, you just have to pay attention.
Use appropriate hashtags where necessary, don’t just rely on texts, that has become boring – include pictures, videos, audios; mix things up meet the online audience at their point of needs. Then only will you grab their love and attention, and keep them interested in your page.

5. Post often:
Like we mentioned earlier, you can’t afford to take a break on the online audience – you don’t want them to forget about you and move on to other things do you?Give them the things they expect, keep them wanting more, grab their attention and stay relevant.
Yes there are other pages, but there is room for a lot more. If you are working hard enough to build an audience, they will recognize your effort and keep coming.Remember, the quality of your audience is way more important that the quantity.

If you are out there to sell your brand and make money out of it, you should be more interested in the serious audience who will contribute to that, and not just random likes from random followers (avoid the urge to buy followers, this does nothing for you).
Also put up posts that are relevant to your brand and represents it in the light you want, quality posts will bring quality followers and rubbish posts will do the opposite – it’s your choice.
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