Health Tips : The 6 Things Doctors Wouldn’t Tell You

This knowledge of becoming more health conscious is being spread gradually; thus making the health sector a thriving or booming one. Thousands of people patronize hospitals and express their concerns over certain issues to the doctors. Most times people take doctors’ recommendation without knowledge of the main problem. They don’t ask questions either.

1. Aspirin and Its Side Effect
While some doctors may recommend the daily use of aspirin to the patients in order to prevent clotting of blood, many of them fail to educate them on the impending danger of prolonged use if aspirin.
This drug has been researched to cause internal bleeding in some patients. Like every other drug, it may work for the time being masking the problem and then the side effects could start to show; another reason to be placed on other drugs.

2. X-rays Could Trigger Cancer
Exposure to radiation is one of the causes of cancer. In medical diagnosis, a patient may be required to have an x-ray done to detect broken bones, lumps and other issues within the body. During the course of having an x-ray done, a patient is exposed to a thousand times the radiation he would be exposed to normally in a day. This in itself is dangerous, despite this, some doctors still recommend x-rays to be done on patients. In pregnancy, it is extremely dangerous as the growing fetus could be affected at the long run.
3. Doctors Make Money Out Of You
Some doctors make money out of you. It should be known that doctors don’t have your best interest at heart always. This isn’t a derogatory remark; some doctors actually get paid by prescribing certain drugs to patients. Same way some of them are given a certain percentage for referring patients to some diagnostic centers. It’s more or less like a business to many; some even own a part of the pharmaceutical company whose drugs get prescribed. While one’s is important, one should also learn to ask questions or double check before going for certain drugs. Doctors have the right to prescribe any drug whether or not it works for the diagnosed ailment.
4. Dirty Habits
With many looking up to their doctors for advices and medical counsel which may involve one being totally truthful, it should be known that some of these doctors also have personal struggles that they battle with. With many investing their unwavering trust in their doctors, extra care should be taken as some doctors wouldn’t tell you of their drinking habits even when they warn you about yours. Some could have been pedophiles or rapists.

5. Drinking Of Coffee In Pregnancy

Many doctors lecture women about the danger of drinking alcohol in pregnancy. Pregnant women are advised to stick to healthy meals but most doctors don’t stress the fact that coffee is dangerous for them. Not only does coffee increase the child’s heart rate alongside its mother, it also inhibits the absorption of iron.
6. A Vital Cause of Diabetes
Diabetes is of two types. The Type 1 Diabetes and the Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is caused when the body produces insulin that is not enough for the normal functioning of the body system. It is the most common of the two types.
Doctors make tremendous effort in treating patients with this disease and also lecture them on the need to stay off certain food. However, most doctors fail to mention to their patients that certain drugs prescribed for them could put them at risk of having the disease after the breakdown. Antidepressant is one of the drugs that could cause diabetes.
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