Insurance Tips : The 6 Warning Signs To Watch For When Buying Life Insurance Online

Buying term life insurance offers peace of mind through securing financial stability for those who depend on you. But buying life insurance online can be a tad unnerving. Life insurance websites where you can get term life quotes and sign up for term life insurance policies offer convenience, but how do you know whether or not a site is trustworthy? The financial future of your loved ones is nothing to take lightly, and the last thing you want to do is put your hard-earned money in the wrong hands.
As you’re looking for term life insurance online, do your homework to make sure you’re dealing with life insurance professionals who are reputable.
If you notice any of the following warning signs, it’s worth second-guessing a life insurance website’s credibility and doing further research into the company’s credentials before deciding whether or not to do business with them.
Be wary of these six “red flags.”
No Life Insurance Agent Licensing Information Readily Available
Licensed life insurance agents and brokers are required to show certain license and legal information on their websites when giving quotes online. Generally, you can find this information at the bottom of the web page that generates the quotes.
If you’re unsure about an agent’s or broker’s validity, you can use your state’s department of insurance website to further verify they’re what they appear to be.
The Website Is Not Customer-Focused
Is the website “walking the walk”? Does it contain relevant information about the life insurance industry? Does it have a well-maintained and well-written blog with information that will empower people to make informed decisions when buying life insurance?
If not, that’s a sign the company might not be fully committed in helping site visitors choose the life insurance option(s) that will best meet their needs.
No Better Business Bureau Endorsement
Look for the seal with a link to the BBB. That indicates a business upholds BBB accreditation standards. If the accreditation symbol isn’t on the website, you’d be wise to check the BBB website to make sure the agent or broker doesn’t have a history of complaints filed against them.
No SSL Certificate
If that’s missing, your data could slip into the wrong hands. An SSL Certificate creates a secure link between your browser and a website. Look for a clickable seal from a company like Symantec (formerly VeriSign) or Network Solutions in the header or footer. If you can’t find one, think twice before providing confidential information through that website.
You Don’t Recognize Any Of The Insurance Companies They Work With
Online insurance agents’ and brokers’ websites should list the insurance companies they work with. While it’s not necessarily a negative if you’ve never heard of the companies on their lists, it’s a good sign if there are a few household names with well-known reputations in the industry. A good way to gauge the caliber of insurance companies agents work with is to check how major rating companies A.M. Best and/or Standard & Poor’s has graded them. Look for an ‘A’ or better rating to ensure you’re getting insurance through a company that upholds the highest standards.
Elusive Contact Information
If you can’t easily find how to contact the agent or broker directly, you should wonder why they’re making it so difficult. Trustworthy insurance professionals will want to be accessible to answer questions and provide support, so they will have their phone number, email address, physical address, etc. prominently displayed on the main pages of their websites.
When you’re dealing with something as important to the livelihood of your family as life insurance, don’t ever feel like you’re being too careful or cautious. Reputable term life insurance agents and brokers realize the significance of the decision you’re making and will welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.
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