Opinion : The 10 things people search for Everyday

The life of this world is transient. Either a person lives in there for a few days or hundreds of years, he or she will still have to call it a day, when the time comes. Human beings detest things which will make them live a life of difficulty. They strive everyday, in getting closer to their Creator, by trying to obey His laws.

Some of the listed things below are what almost everyone, who loves Allah demands for daily.
1. Wealth
Life without money could be very challenging. Money is needed to do so many things of life. But the truth is that some people will not have a total annual earning above N2million naira, while some people will have nothing at all.
The race to have riches is an endless one for mankind. Even the billionaires and trillionaires, want to have more.
2. Repentance
No one who loves Allah, his Creator, will ever want to delay repentance, as he or she knows the consequence. A truthful Muslim knows that repentance, was one of the daily routines of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon his noble soul), while he lived between 570AD and 632AD.
3. Friendship
A friend in need is a friend indeed. No one loves a life of isolation, because, this leads to depression and other sicknesses of the heart.
4. Good health
Prophet Muhammad said good health is one of the favours of Allah on his creatures. No one loves being sick. That’s why they say health is wealth.
A person with sound education finds it easy in becoming a leader and staying ahead of his peers. Seeking education, either formal or informal, will always add value to the life of an individual. This is the reason for the saying that if you say education is expensive, try ignorance, which could leave someone in perpetual darkness.
6. Happiness
Engaging in things like light jokes and meaningful discussions bring a subtle joy to the heart, Everyone loves being happy.
7. Freedom
A person who has been to the prison for just a few days is in the best position to tell others that there is nothing like freedom.
8. Security
Nigeria as a country presently is facing serious security challenges due to different national issues. This is the reason why the economic activities in violence-prone areas have reduced. Security is vital to the lives of every human being.
9. Peace of mind
As a person becomes richer, the next things he or she thinks of, is to reside in an environment devoid of noise and restlessness. No one wants whatever will increase his or her blood pressure, thereby leading to heart attack.

10. Paradise
This is the final destination for a person who does what Allah wants and what His Prophet advised people to do, based on his or her capability. However, the paradox of life is that, everyone wants to go Paradise, but not everyone will enter it on the day of judgement.
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