Opinion: The 3 reasons why you should always be happy in life

Opinion:  The 3 reasons why you should always be happy in life

1. It’s never too late to start over
When we are served a nice dose of shock, we aren’t sure of what to do and where to go from that point. It’s hard to imagine that maybe if you took some steps in another direction a little earlier on, you could have potentially avoided your current situation. It’s okay though…because there is always another way out.
I want you guys to understand that everything happens for a reason and you shouldn’t let someone or something take over your mind. You might be at a halt right now, but that doesn’t mean it will be that way forever.
Take some time to relax and let the information simmer down.
Then get up and remember that you must take charge of your life. Don’t focus on your past, but the greatness of what your future potentially holds. No matter how old you are and whatever barrier has stunted your growth, constant determination paired with diligence will always prevail.
2. Oluwa is ALWAYS involved!
We serve The Most High God and he will never forsake us. When negative circumstances occur, a lot of us tend to ask God why He would let something like that happen and question His existence. We forget that He is the supreme artist who has illustrated the story of our lives for a certain purpose.
Instead of doubting Him, we need to begin asking Him for assistance and continuous strength in our prayers. When I was presented with the news I received on Ash Wednesday, I was getting ready to go to Church and all of a sudden became so lazy. I was wondering if I should even make the effort to go. I threw on whatever clothes I found and decided to go in last minute. My mind was all over the place during Mass because the news was so disturbing. By the time Service was over, I was happy to have found some peace.
Some peace in understanding why everything happens for a reason and how I will never be forgotten in the eyes of The Lord. I left Church thinking of how to begin preparing myself for what is to come.
3. Nothing in life comes easy
It’s easy to compare and contrast people and their situations without realizing how it came to be. You don’t know the hardships and setbacks someone might have faced to get where they are today.
We have all been guilty of this at some time in our lives whether you’ll admit it or not.
A lot of us fail to realize that when aiming for high goals and expectations, we need to exercise patience. All the ‘jeje’ movement we are always trying to do is in vain.
Even though you might have a connection here or there, it doesn’t mean things will always go your way. Try not to cheat others to get to the top, because if and when you eventually get there, it may not have even been worth it.
Begin to take time to evaluate matters at hand cautiously by thinking of the best way to approach them without uncontrollably stressing yourself.
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