Opinion: The 6 women who must never be your husband’s personal assistant

There are growing concerns over husbands who now cheat on their wives with their supposed personal assistants (PAs).
So many marriages are on the verge and many others have hit the rocks, following alleged escapades between many men and their PAs.
At some point in the life of certain people, having a personal assistant becomes compulsory, however, from some underground investigations, many women would do anything to shield their men from most ladies who apply for the post.
Below are 6 ladies chosen at random, basically for their natural endowments, to portray in clear terms the type of ladies who married women dread to serve in the capacity of PAs to their husbands.
1. Queen of the COAST
By “Queen of the Coast” we are imply – woman who have massive bosom. The women who were engaged in this discussion, were of the opinion that men are always moved by what they see and many men would lose their composure when they behold a lady with such natural endowment.
2. Hot Ghana Shito
With reference to the black Ghana pepper stew, black beauties would steal any man’s heart any day. So one can only imagine the nightmare of a wife whose husband has a personal assistant that is not only the hot Ghana Shito spec, but also a brilliant one at that.
3. Ms Bright Future with an Encouraging Past
It is on a very rare occasion that you find a woman who tends to have it all (back and front) – the bright future and encouraging past.
So many women are of the opinion that once the men who they are married to spend so much time with ladies such as this, it won’t be long before he takes note of all that she possess, and like they say “body no be firewood”.
4. Baby face assassin
The Baby Face Assassin is a reference to ladies with face so cute, angels and saints might fall from glory to be with them.
Many women agree that they get uncomfortable having their husbands around such ladies who most often remain ageless and retain a beauty that depicts innocence.
They fear that the more innocent these PAs look, the more mischievous they might be.
5. Light Skin Mermaid
Like the baby face assassin, the light skin – no bleaching mermaid is a delight, many women agree.
In this age when many would kill and bleach to attain freshness, many women fear when such beautiful “Oyibo peppers” come into the picture, many things can go very wrong.

 With a body like that of a goddess and looks that could entice angels, most women will freak out if they found out that a beauty like this is their husband’s personal assistant.

6. Big Bold and Bountifully Beautiful
It is common place in Nigeria to see many women who are out of shape, many suffering from obesity which detracts from their beauty, however, investigations have shown that many Nigerian men love plus size women, and one can only imagine when a woman is plus size and bountifully or ravishingly beautiful.With all these said, one is pressed to ask this question to women out there, will you be comfortable with such beauties as portrayed in this article, working as personal assistants to your husbands?

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