Relationship Tips : The 6 Reasons Why She Slept With Your Man

So your man cheated on you and you just don’t understand why this chick did it. She knew he was your man. So why’d she do it?So your man cheated on you 

1• She’s selfish. There’s no way around it. She wants what she wants and she has no guilt about taking it. Her needs come first, no matterwhom she is hurting. The ironic part is, your man was so blinded by his desire that he didn’t realize she does not care about him, either. She doesn’t care about hurting him or wifey or the kids.
2• She has no morals. She knows what’s right and wrong, but it doesn’t matter to her. Since she doesn’t have morals, she doesn’t feel responsible. If you confront her, chances are she will say something like, “I can’t help it if your man wants what I got.” She will show no shame and not take the blame.
3• She’s psycho. Other words for her include sociopath and narcissist. She lacks the ability to sympathize with you. In fact, some women who are habitual home wreckers are so sick that they actually derive pleasure from hurting others. She may be the kind of chick that sleeps with attached men for the thrill of it.
4• She’s accessible. We know you have to work and then there’s the kids, but sometimes men just fall prey to a side chick who will give him what he wants and won’t put any pressure on him. She doesn’t ask him to take out the garbage and she’s never tired. It sucks, but it is what it is.
5• She is just that dumb. She believes him when he complains about you and says he stays for the kids. She falls for his lies and his promises to leave you and marry her.
6• She’s desperate. She doesn’t have a man and one’s not in sight. She thinks so little of herself that she is willing to be the second fiddle.
The bottom line, though, is that your man cheated, and no matter what a piece of garbage the other woman is or what a moron he is, you still have to deal with the fact that you have a cheater on your hands.
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