Relationship Tips : The 8 Love Advices You Should Stop Listening To

Everybody has one thing or another to share when it comes to love and relationship but not all advice are meant to be followed. People give advice according to their experience but it will not necessarily work for you the way it worked for them.

Let us take a look at seven love advice that you should think twice about:
1. Forgive and forget
Yes, forgiveness is a very important aspect of every relationship, but this is usually easier said than done, especially the part about forgetting. When you have been hurt, letting-go takes time and you never forget.
If you try to rush this process, you will end up finding that all you did was sweep everything under the carpet and soon after, things will only blow up in your face. Take your time, talk it out with your partner and do not rush so that when you do forgive, you forgive for real.
2. Love conquers all
Love conquers a lot of things, no doubt, but it does not conquer every single thing you will face in your relationship. With some issues, only patience, time and maturity or even a breakup will help you solve it.
A lot of people are in relationships that are not working out simply because they stubbornly believe that just because they are in love, everything should be okay. You need to recognize the things that love is incapable of dealing with and work on them with what is needed.
3. Never go to bed angry
This advice is basically saying you must solve all problems and deal with every argument all within the day. Frankly, this is just impossible. Sometimes, some problems need time to be solved.
Sometimes, all you need is a break, to sleep on your argument and get some much needed space for things to get better. If you have a time limit on all your fights, a lot of things will not be tackled and at the end of the day, you will say good night when you know you are not really at peace with yourself and your relationship.

4. Love hurts
Betrayal hurts, pain hurts, heartbreak hurts, but love is the one thing that should make you feel good. A lot of people repeat the “love hurts” mantra to themselves to justify being in a hurtful relationship. True love should never bring about pain and despair. Yes, there will be stormy waters, but true love should be the only light during this time.
5. Love is blind
Finding someone you love should never be a decision to be made blindly. You cannot go through the true challenges of any relationship if you entered into it blindly.
6. Money does not matter
Money is never everything, but it sure matters. You cannot have a strong relationship without having some sort of financial stability. You might not have it all, but in a relationship, you have to both be content with where you are with the belief that things can and will get better. Pretending money is not an issue will only lead to each of you feeling discontent and not being able to discuss it or find a solution.
7. True love is forever
There will be times in your relationship when you are not even sure you love your partner. There will be times you feel numb or unhappy with them but this does not mean what you have is not true love. Love ebbs and flows. Sometimes you love them so much you cannot imagine life without them, and sometimes, you just want to run away, but underneath it all, you both share a bond that will never be broken. That is love.
8. Follow your heart:
 Your heart is important in determining what you feel for someone but you should not make all your love decisions based on how you feel. It is important that you use your brains and intuition to also determine whether or not someone will make the best fit for you
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