Relationship Tops : The 6 Mistakes Men Make When Approaching A Woman

It can get pretty challenging approaching an attractive girl and a lot of rules apply. It is so easy focusing on what to do or say, rather than mistakes to avoid.

Here are a few mistakes men make when trying to chat up a girl they are attracted to;
1. Being indecisive:
  If you spend so much time glancing at her direction every few seconds, just trying to gather up the courage to make a move, this will work against you.
Women are drawn to confidence. And if she notices you taking forever to approach her, she automatically writes you off as shy or inexperienced. A fast and casual “Hello” works better than if you stand in the corner trying to come up with the best pick-up line.
2. Being overtly nice:
Pretty girls are used to guys falling over themselves to impress them, so if you want to catch her attention, this way would not work for you. Your aim is to stand out from the pack of desperate men.
How do you do this? Do not be afraid to tease her lightly from time to time. This does not mean you have to be insulting, but showing her you are not petrified of offending her will give you an added edge.
3. Too many questions:
If you want to encourage her to open up to you, asking her questions like it is an interview is not going to help. Do not throw questions after questions at her. Tell her funny stories, tell her about yourself, phrase your questions differently, and she will slide easily into the conversation.
4. Talking too much:
Just like asking a bunch of questions is bad, also talking endlessly will ruin your chances at impressing her. Make sure you give her opportunities to open up about her self, else you will realize after your long, monotonous rant that she has already zoned out.
5. Being too forward:
The aim of chatting her up is not to get her into bed with you on that same day (unless she is a prostitute).
Try not to be too forward and introducing sexual innuendos in the hopes that she might bed-you. Women know sexual attraction is usually one of the first reasons men approach them, but blatantly passing across this message would only turn her off.
6. Being too touchy:
 Not everyone likes to have their personal space invaded. Do not assume that because she is receptive of your attempt at getting her attention, she is comfortable enough to want you to physically touch her.
Unless she initiates it, save the hand-holding, hugs and other physical contact until she actually agrees to go on a date with you.
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