Love Stories : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 9

Love Stories : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 9

“Bring it out my dear,its past three minutes already”,she replied.

“E e e e e ma please can you help me bring it out because I am very nervous and scared”.

“You were the one who is so anxious about knowing your faith about this pregnancy so it will be better if you bring it out yourself,”
She replied in a calm toon but I still couldn’t bring it out and I just stood there nervous and confused.

“Go on dear or you won’t be able to see if it is positive or negative if it take too long”.
“Immediately I heard her say that I quickly dipped my hands into the cup and brought it out but I still couldn’t looked at it”.

“Please look at it and see if it is positive or negative and tell me because whether you are scared or not it will still remain what it is,it won’t change anything so please just look at it so we can know the way forward please”
,she replied trying to urge me.

What she said gave me some courage and I quickly looked at it and saw that all the lines are light red,the fear in me came back and I quickly showed it of her,she looked at it and told me that it is positive, immediately she said that I fell to the ground and started crying and shouting.

“Cynthia please just quit acting like a child because this is not the end of the world and besides a child is a blessing from God,”
she replied and pat my back.

“This child in my womb is not a blessing from God, it is a punishment”,
I replied in tears. 

“Don’t say that my dear,I know things might be a little hard for you now but I promised you that you will enjoy this child later”.

“What do I tell my parents,they sent me to school but I got pregnant instead and now I have disappointed them instead”,
I replied in tears.

“No my dear you haven’t disappointed them and you can still continue your education with this pregnancy, don’t allow this pregnancy be an hindrance to the bright future ahead of you my dear”,she replied trying to console me.

“Yes ma I don’t want this pregnancy to be an hindrance to my future and that is why you have to help me please”.

“Count on me for any help you need OK”.
“Madam please give me some drug’s to flush this thing out before it will be too late”.

“What,I can’t believe I just heard this from you Cynthia, how can you even think of committing an abortion or don’t you know that you are pitting your life at a very higher risk”.

“Madam this is not an abortion, the baby hasn’t even formed yet and I am sure it is just a combinations of blood that is in my womb now and I want to flush it out”.

“Listen Cynthia you are like a younger sister to me and I cant let you do such a thing,this is murder for Christ sake and the worst of all is that you are killing your own blood”.

“I know that madam but look at my situation, David and I have a bright future together and I can’t ruin it with this unwanted pregnancy, please understand me ma”.

“There is no excuse for committing abortion Cynthia and no matter the situation you are in just be greatful because there are people who situation are worst than yours”.

“Ma please I don’t have anyone else to help me”.

“In as much as you want this I can’t help you murder your own blood and by the way is David responsible for this pregnancy”.

“How can you asked me such a question ma,of course he is responsible”.

“Then why don’t you talk to him about this and get his opinion”.

“I already told you ma,I don’t want to ruin the bright future ahead of us with this pregnancy so its better I get rid of it behind his back”.

“What, how can you think of having an abortion when you haven’t even told the guy that is responsible for it to know if that is what he wants or not, do you think if he finds out that you abort his child behind his back he will be happy about it,of course not my dear,if David ever finds out that you abort his child behind his back than that will be the end of the relationship for both of you no matter how much he loves you”

“What is going on here and what pregnancy are you two discussing about and trying to get rid of,”
somebody shouted from the corner of the chemists and walked towards us,we both looked at him and e were shocked to see David standing at the front of the chemist with an angry look on his face.

To be continued ..... .
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