Love Story : Careless Love Season 1 Episode 6

Love Story : Careless Love Season 1 Episode 6

as soon as David and I left the carteen I started a conversation between us by asking him the reason for acting so cold to me,and he started calling me names,he told me that I am a very wicked person and that he can’t have anything to with someone like me,I was shocked by what is coming out of David mouth, I quickly cut him short and asked him to tell me what the problem is and stopped beating around the bush,that was when he voiced it out.he told me that I aware that his mother was admitted at the hospital and I didn’t even tried to come and visit him or even try to call him with a business line,he told me to stay away from him since I don’t care about him and walked away without giving me the chance to explain,I was so confused and didn’t know what to do. 

I went to class feeling very hurt and bitter but I tried to hide it so as not to give David the satisfaction that his word has an impact on me,I knew very well that Sonia is the cause of everything that is happening between David and I because I told her that I want to go with her to see David and his mother but she refused,I made up my mind to talk to Sonia at closing time but as soon as the closing bell rang,she and David went home together,I almost fainted at that moment,how can Sonia do this to me,I noticed tears falling from my eyes but I quickly wipe it off so as not to embarrass myself and walked home .

I got home that day and went immediately to Michael room and explain everything to him, he told me not to judge Sonia before hearing her own side of the story because she may be innocent and I might be accusing her wrongly so I made up my mind to talk to Sonia the next day,I also use that opportunity to ask Micheal about the reason he was crying the other day,him mood change immediately I ask ask him what the problem is but after some few minutes of pressuring him he told me that he and dad has a fight about the course he is going to be studying at the university since he is about to sat for waec and jamb, dad has always wanted Micheal to study business administration in school because he wants Micheal to take charge of his company when he graduate but Micheal dream is to become an Electrical engineer, I really felt bad for Micheal and did my best to calm him down before I left for my room. 

The next day at school I tried to talk to David but he kept on ignoring me but I didn’t pay much attention to that because all I want at that moment is to talk to Sonia and listen to her own side of the story before taking any decision as Micheal advice. I look at the time and it is almost break time so I quickly packed my books into my bag and left for Sonia sit because I knew that if I don’t act fast she would go out with David and I won’t have the chance to talk to her that day,I went to her sit and whisper into her ear that I would like to discuss something with her at break time,just at that moment the bell rang for break and we left the classroom together. 

She told me that she would like us to go to the carteen but I decline and told her that I prefer for us to the block at the back of the senior classroom and she obliged,we got there, sat down comfortable and started discussing about school, after few minutes I told that I would like to discuss a very important issue with her,she asked me what it is and I narrated everything that has happened between David and i to her,after narrating everything to her I asked her her why she didn’t tell David that she was the one who refuse to let me go with her to visit David and his mother but you won’t believe what she told me,she told be that David is her boyfriend now and warned me to stay away from him,and that what she did is to make him stay away from him and that she will do more things to keep him away from me and walked away.

To be continued...... 
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