Love Story : Careless Love, Season 1 Episode 5

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 1 Episode 5

 was very surprised to see Micheal crying ,I know something was wrong and I pleaded with him to tell me about it but he refused to tell me. He only told me that he and dad has an issue but he will look for a way to sort it out,I stayed with him for sometime before I left for my room.
All my hope to talk to Micheal and explain everything that was going on to him was lost because he already has his own problems and I don’t want to add mine to it so I made up my mind to accept David offer of buying me a phone and decided to hid it from my parents for the time being.

Monday came so fast and I woke up very early so as to talk to David before class commence but unfortunately for me David did not come to school that day,I decided to asked Sonia if she knew the whereabouts if David but you can’t believe what Sonia told me,she told me that she was with David mother all through yesterday evening because she was seriously I’ll and she had kidney problem . I was so shocked and decided to go with Sonia to visit David and his mother but she declined telling me that her mother has already taken care of her,what do you mean by your mother has already taken care of her I asked Sonia but she told me not to worry and assured me that she will send my greetings to David. she quickly changed the topic and asked about the issue of me getting a phone, I told her that I have made up my mind to accept David offer but i have to change my plans because I can’t bring such an issue to David now that his mother is I’ll but she told me to bring up the issue to David anytime he shows up in school ,I made up my mind to talk to David anytime he shows up In school since Sonia won’t let me visit him. 

waiting for David to show up In school is like hell to me,I can’t help but think that i am stupid for not going to see David and his mother at the hospital but there is nothing I can do because anytime I brought up the issue to Sonia she will always find a way to wave it off and she has also refused to give me his house address or the hospital address so I have no option than to wait

David showed up at school the next week Tuesday, I was so happy when I saw him ,I quickly walked up to him to talk to him but he refused to talked to me and ignores me ,I was so confused, what could I have done,I said to myself or is it because I didn’t visit him and his mother at the hospital Sonia told me that everything is ok and refuse to let me see him,or could Sonia be lying to either one of us,I made up my mind to talk to Sonia at break time to find out what she has but done but as soon as the bell rang for break the both of them walked out of the classroom like newly weds,I was so hurt at the moment, I couldn’t believe what I saw,does it mean that the both of them are now boyfriend and girlfriend,no I quickly said to myself and waved the tought of that off because I believed that David and I are meant for each other right from the first day I saw him,after a while I went to the carteen to get something to drink when I met the both of them eating and playing happily,I was so jealous at that moment, I felt the urge to rush to Sonia and dragged her away from David but I quickly hold myself back because I don’t want to make a fool of myself in the front of the whole school.

I walked up to them and asked to joined them and Sonia agreed but I noticed the changes in David mood when I sat down,I knew very well that Sonia is behind his sudden change towards me so I decided to turn the tables around against her, I asked him of his mother health and he told me that she is getting better but his face is still not brighten so I pleaded with him to have a talk with me privately whiched he agreed to and we both left the carteen,I noticed that Sonia is not happy but I don’t care because that is e exactly what I want,to turn the tables around against her so she can feel the pain of what she she is doing to me as well ,I bade her goodbye and walked out of the carteen with my David with a fulfilled mind.

To be continued .. ... 
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