Love Story : Careless Love, Season 1 Episode 10

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 1 Episode 10

 I got home that day very happy,I quickly went to Michael room and show him the phone. He told me that he is happy for me but warned me to keep it away from mom and dad for now.

A phone call woke me up by 6pm,I looked at my phone and saw a strange number.I answered it and heard David voice,I was so happy that what I want is coming to pass. He asked me if I got home safely and I told him that if I didn’t get home safely I wouldn’t have been chatting with him,we bother laugh together and just then I heard mom calling my name and walking towards my room,I quickly told him that I have to go now and he hang up with the word sweet dreams tonight.

I quickly hid the phone and ran out to meet mom,she gave me a weird look and told me to help her in the kitchen, I obeyed without saying a word. we all ate dinner together by 7:30pm and I retired to my room,I brought out my phone and saw a text message from David ,I read the content of the text message which says he is wishing me the best of dreams tonight.

I lay on my bed to sleep but sleep couldn’t come,I started thinking of David and all that has happened between us ever since I was admitted into faith primary and secondary school, I knew that I am already falling in love with him but what about him,is he falling in love with me but what if he is just playing with my heart,I asked myself again and again but got no reply from myself.
I got to school very early the next day and met Sonia already sitting in our classroom reading a book, she look up at me and continue reading,I walked up to my sit and sat down but surprisingly I saw her walking towards me and I became scared,I quickly remembered that David told me to be very careful of her and made up my mind to be very calm with her because we are the only students I. the class and I knew that she can easily harm me with all the anger in her. 

she walked up to me and smiled at me but I didn’t smiled back at her,I just behaved like I didn’t noticed her presence but inside me was praying for someone to walked into the class and saved me.

Watch out for Season 2, to be continued..... .
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