Love Story : Careless Love, Season 1 Episode 4

Love Story : Careless Love,  Season 1 Episode 4

Dad told me that he and mom have discussed the issue and to have decided to get me a phone immediately i get to ss3, i was so angry with my dad for what he said but i didn’t show it,i left his room and went to my room to think about the next thing to do but i couldn’t think of anything reasonable so i decided to talk it over with sonia the following day in school

I woke up the next day looking very sad,i could’nt even had dinner,mom notice my mood and asked me what the problem is but i told her not to worry because i know that if i let her knew about the issue of my phone and she agree to get me one,dad will decline and warn her not to do it.

We started our first subject by 8:am and i not even concentrating. david noticed it but i dont care about who noticed me because all i want at that moment is a phone for myself,the bell rang for break and Sonia and i left for lunch,while we were having lunch i told Sonia about the issue of my phone including how my dad told me to wait till ss3 before he can get me a phone. She was so suprised about what my dad said but told me that if my parents has refused to get me a phone i should simply accept david offer and lie to them that i bought it with the money i saved from the money they gave me to school everyday for lunch or better still hid it from them till i get to ss3.

I made up my mind to heed to Sonia advice but that will be after talking to my elder brother to get his own opinion. Sonia also told me that she and david will be going out for lunch the next day which is saturday and i am not happy about it because i am suppose to be the one going out for lunch with David and i also believed that David liked me more than her for offering to buy me a phone just to be able to reach me at home. she also told me that she think David is beginning to grow fond of her and she is very sure that he is going to asked her to be his girlfriend soon enough,i was so jealous at that moment and i promised myself to do everything possible to make david asked me to be his girlfriend and not sonia even if it means talking to David and let him know how i feel towards him. 

that same day on our way home i asked sonia why her parents will allow her go out with a guy for dinner without getting angry but she laughed and told me that she is not stupid to let her parents knew that she is going out with david,she told me that she will just tell them that she is going to borrow a book from her classmate and by the way she is the only child of her parents and they always let her have her way. i was very jealous of sonia that day,i wish my parents were like her parents who will always let me have my way and i would have been the one going out with david.

I was very tired when i got home that day so i decided to rest because its friday and i can work on my assignment the following day which is saturday,i woke up by 4:pm that same day and went to my brother room to discss the issue with him before helping mom in the kitchen to prepare dinner but on getting to his room,i met him crying.

To be continue...... 
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