Love Story : Careless Love, Season 1 Episode 8

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 1 Episode 8

mom asked me to sit down which i obeyed without saying a word,she told me that she knew micheal and i always think that dad doesnt love us but she want to make it clear to us that dad loves us very much and that he is only doing the best for us because he dont want us to go astray and he want us to have a better future tomorrow so all she want is to know that dad love us the same way she did.i told mom that i understand everything dad is doing for us but i also want her to talk to dad and make him see reasons why micheal want to become a science student,i also told her that i and micheal love dad so much and we wont ask for a better father but all we want is for dad to know that we all have dreams.she told me that she will talk to him and we both left for the kitchen to prepare dinner’

Dinner was set by 7:30 pm but micheal refuse to come down for dinner,he said he would prefer to have his dinner in his room,after somuch argument i took the food to his room,i left his room by 10pm after narrating everything mom said to me to him,i told him to make dad see reasons why he want to become a science student and if dad refuse we will think of another way out

i got to school very excited the next day but i really dont know what is making me excited,i went to my classroom and met david there already,i greeted him,i greeted him and sat down,i turned left and saw sonia staring at us and by the way she is staring at us,i know that she is jealous but i dont care because she is the first to betray me,i ask david of his mother health and he told me that she has fully recover and just then our english teacher walked into the class and we started english ,I could still see Sonia staring at us but I behave like I didn’t see her,I knew that she may be planning something against me but I don’t know what she is planning, I decided to talk it over with David at break time. few hours later the bell rang for break and David and I left for lunch, we had a quiet lunch together without saying anything to each other,after some few minutes David broke the silence by asking me if I noticed the way Sonia has been staring at us in class,I told him that I noticed her but I don’t care,he told me to be careful of her because he knew that she is planning something bad against me and I told him that he shouldn’t worry because I can handle Sonia myself,he also told told me that he will try his best to protect me from her as well,I looked at him and we both started laughing and just then Sonia walked into the carteen,she gave us a weird look and went to sit down at the corner. 

David stare at her for sometime and asked me to take my mind off her,I told him that my mind is far away from her and he asked me where my mind is ,I told him that my mind is on him. he smiled and told me that he has a gift for me and he quickly brought out a mobile phone and gave it to me,I was so happy thatbi didn’t know when I jump and hugged him,everybody at the carteen started staring at us including Sonia.

To be continued. ... 
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