Love Story : Careless Love Season 1 Episode 7

Love Story : Careless Love Season 1 Episode 7

I got home that day very angry with sonia but decided to seek some advice from my brother before taking any action against her.After dinner i went to Micheal room and explain everything that happened between sonia and i to him. he was very angry with sonia but he told me to talk to david and explain everything to him because the only weapon i can use against Sonia is David.

The next day at break time i explained everything to David,i told him that i want to come and see him but Sonia refused saying that i should wait for him to show up at school and suprisingly for me he wasnt mad at me anymore,he told me that he want us to put everything that has happened behind us and go back to the way we were before. he offered to buy me lunch but on our way to the carteen he told us to have lunch somewhere else because he dont want sonia to see us together and spoil our fun.

while we were having dinner,i ask him if he and sonia were a couple but he told me that they are nothing more than friends but he knew that sonia want something more from him and that is the reason why he is keeping his distance from her for the main time because he has no feelings for her and he dont want to hurt her.

I felt relieve when he said that but i also wonder within myself why sonia would ly to me that she is his girlfriend,i quickly wave off that tought and decided to go out with him often so as to know the reason why sonia is pushing me away from him,we had a lot of fun that day and i was so excited,on our way home, he asked me if i had gotten a phone and i told him that i havent gotten one for now but i will get one soon. 

I got home and met mom and dad quarrelling over micheal issue of studying science,i went up to my room without saying a word,altough i wonder within myself y dad will always want to choose for us. i quickly took a shower and slept off, i woke up and saw mom in my room staring at me,i was suprised when i saw her because i wasnt expecting to see her in my room.

To be continued .... 
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