Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Last Episode

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Last Episode

 tutored Favour all trough the holidays and sometimes goes out with David on weekends,second semester came so fast and we all travelled back to school.David and i were so happy that we are back in school and could see each other more often,i tried to confront David about what micheal said but i quickly wave the tought aside and continue my friendship with him. Sonia still wore the same gloomy look,i was so worried about her that i told David about it so he can talk to his mom about it because she has been the one taken care of her she we got admitted. David promised to talk to his mom about her but he asked me to sit her down and talk to her as a friend and also invite her over anytime we are going out but sonia will always refused, anytime i tried to invite her over with me to David house,she will either ly to me or try to pick a fight with me.

One evening i got very angry with Sonia after refusing my offer to come with me to see David that i dont knew when i slapped her,that was when she poured out her heart to me,she told me that she cant bear to see David and i together because she still had feelings for him and that she will always cried her eyes out after i have left to see David because she cant bear the tought of us being together,she told me that she has falling in love with david when David was admitted into faith groups of school,she always tried to get close to him but he didnt even noticed her and that was the only reason she asked to be my friend immediately i was admitted because i am the one sitting next to David and she sees me as a way to get close to him but everything changed when David started paying more attention to me than her and that was the reason why she lied to be back then about David and her being together and tried to make me look bad but things didnt worked out as she has planed,i looked at her as she narrated everything to me in tears and i couldnt help but felt pity for her,i quickly remembered Micheal advise to me about David trying to ruin our friendship,so Micheal his right after all about David trying to ruin our friendship and about Sonia still having feelings for David,all the love i have always felt for David turned into hatred that moment and i made a promise to Sonia that i will stay away from David. 

I Stopped every connections between David and i and i no longer take his call nor pay him a visit,anytime he visited Sonia will always stop him at the door and told him that i am not around,anytime he tried to confront me about my distance to him in school i will always run off without giving him the chance to explain ,it was hurt doing it at first but i will always console myself with the fact that he is not worth my friendship for trying to destroy the friendship i shared with Sonia but David always make matters worse by not letting me be so i travelled home for sometime to see if that will help but it only made matter worst when i got got back to school and discovered from Sonia that David has been very ill since i left,i cant help but felt guilty for abadoning him but i couldnt break the promise i made to Sonia,i asked Sonia why she hasnt been taken care of him but she told me that David will always ask her to leave him alone anytime he tried to help him and she would have called his mom as well but he told her not to ,i felt so much guilt at that moment but there is nothing i could do because i already made a promised to Sonia.I didnt know what to do at that moment so i decided to visit Micheal in school and seek advise from him because he is the only one i can count on at times like this. I called Micheal and imformed of my visit and he was very happy, i got to Micheal house the following day and explained everything to him but he called me a fool for allowing Sonia to come in between David and i because even if David has been using us it doesnt mean that i should end my friendship with him and stop all connections with him because he had always been a good friend to me,he told me to be careful of Sonia now more than before because she might been the one that is trying to seperate me from David because she cant bear seeing us together and pleaded with me to go take care of david till he become well and after that i can decide on what to do because his blood will always been on my hands if anything should happen to him because of my foolishness.

I cant help but feel stupid for jumping into conclusion and make hasty decision because of Sonia,i got back to school the following day and told Sonia that i would be going over to take care of David till he become well,she told me that i can do whatever i want to do and i left for David apartment,i got to David apartment and was very shocked at the sight of him,i cant help but regret all i have done,he was very happy to see me and that brighten him up a bit,i quickly got him some food and drugs and prepared hot water for him to bath,after that i took him out for a walk and continue taking care of him for a few days till he become fully well.

David and i became close like the way we were before he got sick and Sonia was not happy about it,she called me one evening and asked me to keep my promise and stay away from David because he is no longer sick,i told her that i remembered my promised to her but i just want to stay with David for a while till he become fully strong and i will let him be,she told me to be hasty about it and walked away,i tought about how Sonia and i have become friend back in secondary school but David shattered everything and later on we all get back together but he is still trying to seprate us,i made up my mind to go to David apartment and asked him to stay away from me but i got the suprised of my life at his apartment.


I knocked at his apartment door but got no reply from him,i called his mobile phone but he didn,t pick up,i was about leaving when he called me back,i answered it and told him that i am at the front of his apartment but he became so nervous as soon as i said that,he managed to plead with me to give him some few minutes because he is busy with something and hung up

I knew that something is not right with him and he is up to something but what could he be doing that warrant me staying outside or is he with a woman but i quickly waved that tought off my mind because i have never seen him with a woman before,i made up my find to out what he is hiding,i knocked out his apartment door for the second time but got no reply from him,i called his number but he still didn’t pick up,i was very hurt at that moment,so David has been dating another lady all this while and kept it from me. Micheal has been right about him all this while,he didn’t even have feelings for anyone of us and we have been killing ourselves because of him but where is this lady when he was sick and has no one to take care of him,where is she when i spend two weeks of my precious time taking care of him,i kept questioning myself that even some passers by kept looking at me like a mad person but i don’t give a d--n because they will do worst if they were in my shoes,i almost left for my apartment but decided to wait and see the face of his girlfriend before leaving,i tried to see her trough the window of his apartment but the window is locked so i had no choice than to wait for him outside his apartment.

he came out later and ask me to go in,i gave him a very angry look but that didn’t stop me from going in because i want to see the face of the lady that he has been going out with,i got into his apartment but didn’t find the trace of anyone,i ran into his bathroom and kitchen but i couldn’t find anyone either.

David just stood there looking at me in a confused state,so he has hidden her, i said to myself but where could he had hidden her because his apartment has no other door except for his front door,i looked at him and saw him still looking at me in a confused state and that made me got angry the more and i don’t know when i voiced it out to him.

“where is she”,
i asked him in a very harsh toon. He looked at me in a more confused way and ask me who i was talking about. “so you are still trying to pretend” i said to him angrily. “I cant believe you are this ungrateful David,after all i did for you to notice me you still brought another woman into your life”.

“what,is that what you think,i am so disappointed in you Cynthia,how can you even think that i will bring another woman into my life after all you have done for me,i cant believe you think of me this low”,
David replied in a very harsh toon.

“I cant believe you are still trying to deny it right before my very eyes”,
i said to him angrily.

“If you so much believed i asked you to wait for a while just because i am with a woman then you still don’t know me”,
 he replied in a very calm toon.

“Yes you are right”,
 i replied. I have always tought i knew you all this while but now i know better,you are not even the good guy you painted yourself to be but you are the worst of them all—–

“Will you shut up”
David cut in. Do you really want to know the reason why i asked you to wait for a while.

” no i don’t want to know”,i said to him and was about leaving when he hold me back and pointed to the top of the wall of his apartment,i was so shocked by the written on it which says CYNTHIA WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND

I was so shocked at that moment,i looked at him and he was holding a paper which in it was written I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART CYNTHIA PLEASE ACCEPT ME. I made to say something but he stopped me and told me that he asked me to wait outside because he wants to complete this and make it a surprise for me but now he know better and cant afford to spend his time on a lady who don’t trust him and think very low of him. Tears started flowing freely from my eyes,this is the moment i have been waiting for since i knew him and now that it has happened it is slipping away from me before my very eyes,i made to say something but he stopped me and told me to leave his apartment,i don’t know what to do at that very moment and i ran out of his apartment in tears.

To be contained. .. . . 

Watch out for Season 3
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