Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 1

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 1
Sonia walked up to me and sat close to me,i still behaved like i didnt see her,she looked at me and asked me if i am happy,i looked at her and i told her that i didnt understand what she mean,she stare at me for sometime and ask me if i am happy after stolen something precious to her,i still dont understand what you are talking about,i you dont understand what i am talking about right after stolen my boyfriend from me you are pretending like you dont know right,she said and made to slap me but i was fast enough to hold her hand,dont you dare slap me sonia,david is not ur man and will never be your man,i replied. 

she dragged her hand away from me and told me to watch out for her and that she will do everything in her power to seperate david and i,i quickly looked at her and told her that i am too young to be fighting for a guy and was about walking away when she dragged me back and told me that if she cant be with him then no one can be with him, just then the bell rang for assembly and i left the classroom

At break time i told David about what happened between sonia and i,he was not suprised about it and he told me that he will talk to sonia and warned her to stay away from me,i asked David if he and sonia had a relationship for the third time and he denied it,i knew that david is hiding something from me and i dont know what is it but i intend to find out what it is.

David asked if i will be available the next day which is saturday so he can pick me up at 12noon because he would really want us to spend some quality time together. as much as i love the idea i doubted that my parents willnallow me to go out with a guy they dont know and even tough mom agree,dad will never agree so i decided to talk it over with micheal at home first to see if he can cover up for me but i also doubt if david will allow me to go out with David alone,i told David i will think about it and give him a reply later at home and he obliged

I got home and took a shower and went to micheal room to discuss the issue with him but he was so furious at me,he told me that he dont like the idea of David and i going out alone but after so much pleading he agreed to allow me and cover up for me on the condition that he will be the one to take me to David so he can knew where he is taking me.i agreed with him and we agreed to tell mom that we are going out as brothers and sister to have a wonderful time together,we didnt worry about dad because i promised him that i will be back before dad return.

I went to my room and send a text message to micheal that i have accepted his offer,i lay on my bed to sleep but sleep couldnt come so i decided to go to mom room and chat with her for a while but i got the shock of my life when i got to mom room
To be continued.. .... 
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