Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 2

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 2

saw mom lying lifeless on the floor.I quickly call Micheal and we took her to the hospital. Micheal called dad who later joined us at the hospital and after sometime,after sometime the doctor came out and told us that mom is OK but he will like to speak with dad privately.

Dad told us to keep calm and left with the doctor, dad later came back and told us that we all will be spending the night at the hospital because she is too weak to be discharged tonight but he refused to tell us what is the cause of mom sickness and why she fainted. Micheal told dad that he has to go home and stay with favour because she is home alone and dad agreed with him,dad and I slept in the hospital that night and I used the opportunity to ask him if he has tought about what we discussed about Micheal studying science and he told me that he is still thinking about it.

Michael came to the hospital with Favour the next morning, he told us that she has been demanding to see mom all trough the night, I took her to the room to see mom and Micheal left to buy some food for us,dad left to the doctor office to ask him if mom can be discharged but he came back and told us that mom will be discharged the next day which is Sunday,I was very angry when I heard that because that means we will be spending another night at the hospital, after some few minutes dad told us that he will be leaving for work,he gave us some money and left,I looked at Micheal face and I could sensed that he is not happy with dad for leaving and so do I but what can we do,mom knew that we are not happy and she told us that dad has an important appointment so that’s y he had to leave. 

I walked out of the room and started thinking about dad an how he just left us there just because of work,just then David walked up to me and gave me my phone ,I saw sixed missed calls and a text message from David and just then I remembered that I have a date with him by 12 pm,Micheal asked of I would still want to go out with David today but o told him that I would rather spend the day with mom. I called David and explained everything to him,he told me that he will be coming to the hospital to see me but I refused and told him that mom is OK and will soon be discharged.

Dad came back in the evening with some dinner for all of us,he also bought ice cream and suya and we all ate together happily, dad later told Micheal to go home with favour but she refused saying she wants the night at the hospital with us,dad pleaded with her to go home but she refused so dad left her and we all spend the night at the hospital.

Mom was discharged the following day which is sunday,I made dinner that evening because the doctor told us that mom that mom should not engaged In any work for now and she also need rest ,we all ate dinner and retired to our rooms but I told favour to sleep in my room so I can sleep in mom room to make sure she is OK all through the night.

I woke up the next morning and quickly left for my room to get ready for school when I met favour playing with my phone, I quickly took it from her and told her to keep it as a secret from mom and dad and she agreed in the condition that she will be spending the night in my room so she can use it at night before sleeping and I agreed because I have no choice,I was about getting ready for school when mom came to my room and asked me to stay at home that day so I can take care of her because dad has left for work,u was sad but I had no other option than to stay with her,I prepared breakfast and we all ate,Micheal and favour left for school because they attended the same school and their school is a little bit far from home.

I left for my room and dialled David number but to informed him that I won’t make it to school but he isn’t taking my call,I left to mom room to stay with her for sometime, we chatted for a while and she slept off,I went back to my room and called David for the fifth time but he still didn’t take my call,I was surprised because this is the first time David has rejected my call’s, I sat down and tought of what to do but nothing cane into my mind except for me to tell mom that I just remembered we had a test.

I was about leaving for mom room when something cane unto my mind to send david a text message, I quickly send him a text message telling him that I can’t make it to school because I need to take care of mom,I dropped the phone and was about leaving for mom room when a text message came into the phone ,I looked at the text message and it is from David,I quickly opened the text and I was shocked by the content which says that I TOLD YOU I AM GOING TO WIN BUT YOU DOUBTED IT,I AM WITH DAVID ALL THROUGH YESTERDAY AND WE ARE TOGETHER NOW,HE GAVE ME HIS PHONE TO SENT YOU THIS TEXT MESSAGE BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN DISTURBING HIM AND HE IS TIRED OF YOU, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING FROM SONIA.

To be continued.... 
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