Love Story : Careless Love Season 2, Episode 6

Love Story : Careless Love Season 2, Episode 6

She was taken to the hospital by the man who hit her on the road but on getting to the hospital the doctor told them that the car didn’t hit her but she fell as a result of shock,that was when she realized that the world is not as easy as it seems and she tought within herself that if the car had hit her she may have died and who know where she is going to go after everything she has done to David and i ,that was when she realized her mistake and called David who later came to the hospital and she narrated everything to him and asked for his forgiveness and that is why she is also asking for my forgiveness.

I felt so much pity for her after listening to her story but I still don’t trust her so I decided to talk it over with Micheal and get his opinion before deciding, I told her to give me sometime to think about it and she obliged after telling me that she knew I have forgiven her inside me but I don’t want to say it out for now and she understand, she offer to buy us lunch and we all for the carteen together.

I got home happy and sad at the same time,happy because Sonia and I have made up and sad because David and I will no longer be hanging out alone,I went to Micheal room and he is not yet back from school so I left for my room,took a shower and was about working on my homework when mom came into my room and started yelling at me,she told me that shei is not happy about the way I left for school this morning without telling anyone and the worst of all is that I didn’t prepared breakfast. I quickly lied to her that I need to get to school early so I can copy the homework on the board before they wipe it off ,she gave me that I don’t believe you look and walked out of my room with the word WHATEVER YOU ARE HIDING I WILL FIND OUT SOON ENOUGH. 

I was shocked by what mom said and I knew that she has started to suspect something about me but I could not bring myself to tell her the truth because I knew what her reaction would be ,I started my homework but before I could finish it ,Favour came into my room and told me that Micheal wanted to see me,I quickly left for his room,I got there and met him eating snacks,he gave me some and we started chatting, he asked me why I didn’t tell anyone before going to school and I narrated everything that happened
in school that day to him,he told me that he think Sonia is speaking the truth this time but I still have to be careful with her and use this opportunity to watch her because she might be acting this way to gain my trust and betray me easily,I promised him that I am going to heed to his advice and left his room happily.

I got to my room and saw my phone ringing, I looked at the screen and saw an unknown number,I knew that it us not David because I already saved his number on my phone,I kept wondering who it was because the only people that have been calling me since i got the phone is David and Micheal.

I picked it up and heard a lady voice and I quickly recognized it as Sonia voice,I asked her how she got my number and she told me that David gave it to her,she told me she called to check up on me and to ask if I have forgiven her,I told her that I am still thinking about it and she told me that she will be expecting yes the next day and hung up,I hide the phone and left for the kitchen to help mom prepare dinner.

I got to school very late the next day and quickly ran to my class and luckily for me our mathematics teacher is not in the class because it is our first subject for that day,I sat down next to David and we charted for a while before our mathematics teacher came in,few hours later the bell rang for break and the three of us left the class together, on our way to the carteen Sonia asked if I have forgiven her and I told her that I have forgiven her,hug she was so happy that she gave me a hug. David gave me a friendly hug also and we ate lunch together at the carteen happily and from that day the three of us became best of friends but little did I know that the trouble has just begun.

To be Continued...... 
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