Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 5

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 5

I almost fainted when i saw the both of them together but i kept my cool and sat down close to them,david stood up and told me that the reason he called me is because he and Sonia have something important to tell me,my heart skipped a bit as soon as he said that and i kept praying in my mind for them not to tell me they are dating because i cant take it,just then sonia stood up and started pleading with me to forgive her for all what she has done to me,i looked at her very well just to be very she is the one speaking because i find it hard to believe that the same Sonia who asked me to stay away from david and sent me a text with david line is the one asking me to forgive her,i asked david if this is the explanation he promised to give me but he didnt give me any answer,i asked Sonia if she was the one that send me a text message with david phone and she told me she was the one but she has learnt her mistake,i stood up and made to slap her for what she said but david hold me back but that didnt stopped me from telling her my mind,i told david to give us some few minutes so i can pour my mind to her but he refuse so i had no option than to talk to her in david presence.

I stood up and ask her why she has to realize her mistake now after all she did yesterday but before she could say anything David told me to sit down so she can explain everything i need to know to me in a calm toon because shouting will not solve anything,i quickly sat down because i really need an explanation from both of them,both of them sat down as well and sonia started narrating everything to me. 

she told me that David came to school early and met her in the class reading when he walked up to her and told her that he had something very important to tell her but just as he was about to say it the bell rang for assembly and he left her in the class leaving his bag behind,she opened his bag and collected his phone when she saw me calling but as she was about to answer it she heard a teacher walking close to the class and she quickly kept the phone in his back and ran to the assembly.after the assembly she tried to looked for a way to collect david phone but he didnt left the class for a minute so she lied to him that her dad asked her to deliver a message to her mom and she forgot her phone at school and pleaded with him to borrow his phone to her for some minutes to deliver the message to her mom. David gave her the phone the phone and ask her to be fast with it ,she walked out of the classroom and was about dialling my number when a call came in from me but as she was about answering it she saw a teacher walking towards the clasroom,she lied to the teacher that she was about going to the toilet,the teacher told her to be fast and she ran off to the back of the toilet to call me but as she was about to she saw a text message from me and got jealous and that was when she sent me a text message telling me she was with david.

After she finished narrating everything i asked her why she is apologising to me now and she told me to be patient and listen to everything she has to say which i did,just then the bell rang for assembly and we all left for the assembly after sonia promised to continue at break time,the bell rang for break and we all left to the back of the senior classroom to continue our discussions. Sonia continue after asking me if i had forgiven her but i decline telling her to explain everything to me first and she continue.

she said after sending the text message to me she returned back to the classroom and gave the phone to david and just then she remember that she has not deleted the text message she sent to me from the phone and she knew that David will get back at her if he saw the text message so she decided to ran home,she quickly went to the staff room and told lied to the teachers that she is not felling well and she wants to go home and get some drugs,the teacher allow her to go but on her way home a car hit her and she was rushed to the hospital.

To be continued.. . . .
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