Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 9

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 9

we all move into our apartment and started
schooling,the university opened another
sphere in our life,a sphere to a whole range
of new activities,university life is quite
different from secondary school life,here we
dont have to go back home to our parents
everyday,we have to stay till the end of the
semester before going home for holidays.

The building is different from secondary
school building,the large halls and buildings
in the campus,the library,the lecture
halls,various auditoriums,living
apartments,cafeteria and so on. what baffles
me the most is the kind of people
there,youth with different characters and all
that, i asked sonia how she find the new
environment one afternoon when we were
coming back from lectures and she told me
that the environment is good but the
students are inresponsible, i told her that
some of them are responsible and that we
should work hard to be among the
responsible ones.

We got to our apartment,made something to
eat and left for david apartment which is not
that far from our apartment to spend the rest
of the evening with him,we all chatted for a
while and he offered to take us to dinner the
next day.The next day at noon Sonia asked
me if i have already picked out the clothes i
will be putting on to dinner with David, i gave
her a wierd look and asked her if that is the
first time we will be going out with David and
she told me that this is the first time we all
will be having dinner together as an

undergraduate, i told her that there is nothing
so special about that and she told me that if
it is not special to me then it is very special
for her. I looked at her and i wondered within
myself if she still have feelings for David, i
looked at myself and asked myself the same
question but got no reply from myself.
David called me that evening and asked if we are ready,I told him that we are almost ready,we quickly got ready and went over to his apartment,we met him at the front of his apartment waiting for us,I looked at him and I could see that he is all dressed up,we all exchanged greetings and left to a fast food that is not quite far from his apartment, he asked us to order what we are going to eat and we both order fried rice and malt,he ordered for what we ordered and we all started eating,while eating I asked him why he ordered fried rice and he told me that he ordered it because I ordered it I looked at him and we both started laughing, he stop laughing and asked me if I knew how to prepare fried rice,I told him I can try and we all ate together silently, we finished eating and was about going home when he told us that he has a surprise for us,he brought out three tickets from his pocket,he gave one to me and gave one to Sonia,I look at it and saw that it is to watch a movie, we all left together to the cinema to watch a very interesting movie,after the movie we all left for his apartment, we chatted with him for sometime and left for our apartment.

We got to our apartment and I asked Sonia if she enjoyed the outing,she told me that she enjoyed it but I could sensed that there is something unusual about since the outing, I tried to find out what is bothering her but she told me that everything is OK. I lay on my bed to sleep but sleep couldn’t come,I started thinking about David and now Sonia and I have fought for him in the past,I knew that Sonia still love David and I also love him deeply but what about him,does he love any of us ,I asked myself or is he just here to shatter our friendship, but if he love any of us why can’t he just say it out,I kept questioning myself ,I looked at Sonia and I prayed within myself that the time won’t come when we will have to fight because of David again.


David call woke me up the following morning,i could tell that he calls me more often these days,i picked up and he asked me if we are ready for church,i quickly remembered it it sunday and tell him that we are almost ready,i quickly woke up sonia and we both got ready.

David came to our apartment few minutes later and we all left for church, on our way back home David asked me to accompany him to the market to get some food stuffs, i told him that i will meet him in his apartment in an hour time and he agreed.

Sonia and i got home and i quickly had a change of clothes and prepare indomie and egg,we both ate together and i ask her if she will accompany me to David apartment but she refused and told me she has an assignment to finish, i picked up my purse and left for David apartment,i got to his apartment and we both left for the market,i asked him what he want to prepare but he told me to choose for him instead, after much persuading we both agreed on fried rice,we bought the spices for fried rice and some other food stuff that will last him for some few day and went back to his apartment.
We got to his apartment and he told me that he want me to prepare the rice for him,i refused at first but after so much pleading from him i agreed on the condition that he will help me in the kitchen and he agreed,we got to the kitchen and started cooking, he help with the slicing of the ingredients while i steam and fried the chicken,after that we started cooking the rice,i made so many passes at him while cooking he will always give me that i dont care look,we both have so much fun cooking and after cooking we ate together happily,we have so much fun that day and i was so happy because this is the first time David is showing interest in me, after eating he ask me to take some food to Sonia which i did and he saw me off.

David and i became more fond of each other from that day,we became so close and often spend time with each other,our friendship graduated into something i dont have an answer to but i knew that i always have this feeling of joy when i am around him and i always feel comfortable around him. We wrote our exams and traveled back home for holiday,i was sad and happy on my way home, happy because i will be seeing my family after a long time and sad because i wont be seeing David more often.

I got home and met Micheal home and was suprised because he told me he will be home the following day but i was very glad to see him and we both hug each other happily. Mom and Dad were very glad to see me,they gave me a very nice welcome before leaving for my room. Favour came back from school in the evening and was very glad to see me as well, she told me that she will be taking her ssce from ss2 and i promised to help in tutoring her before going back to school.

Dinner that evening saw the whole family at the table, dad,mom,micheal,favour and i. Mom prepared a very delicious mean of Rice,fried plantain,chicken and stew,after dinner Favour retired to her room and the rest of us retired to the sitting room, we all chatted a lot about school life before retiring to our various rooms,i got to my room and dialled David number, we chatted for a while and i hung up with the word sweet dreams,i dialled Sonia number but she didnt take my call,i wondered within myself why she have been acting cold with me for sometime now but i couldnt get an answer,she no longer goes out with David and i and she always keep to herself,what baffles me the most is that anytime i tried to talk to her about it,she will always changed the topic or ly to me that everything is ok but i know deep down that something is wrong with her.

few minutes later Micheal came to my room,i was very happy to see him in my room and i knew he came for a purpose. I told him to sit down and we both chatted for a while but he brought the issue of David after few minutes, he asked me how i have been coping with Sonia in the same apartment and i decided to use this opportunity to confide in him, i narrated how David and i has gotten close to each other lately and how Sonia has been so cold to me lately,he told me to be very careful with her because she is jealous of David and i and she is hurting deeply because of the feelings she had for him,he also told me not to allow David destroy the friendship Sonia and i shared because he might has somebody else somewhere and just be playing with our heart. I was so angry with David and i told Micheal that i will force him to choose between the both of us or stay out of our lives for good but he told me that that will make me look cheap to him because he may not even have feelings for any of us and the best way is to just continue my friendship with him and if he choose to confess his feelings for any of us then it will be from his mind,we chatted for a while about his girlrfriend and when finally admitted that he has a girlfriend and promised to introduce me to him anytime i pay him a visit in school,he bade me goodbye and was about leaving when he came back and advice me to try and forget about him and move on with my life instead of putting all my hopes on him,i told him i will try to do it and he left,i tried to sleep but couldnt sleep because Micheal advice kept coming into my mind,i knew that i cant forget about David but what if he is using us as Micheal said,will i be able to forget about him and move on with my life and is Sonia really jealous? but what is even wrong with David,if he really love any of us then why dont he say it out and stop tormenting us.
To be continued ...... 
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