Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 4

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 4

Micheal and Favour came home later in the day and the three of us ate lunch together,after lunch i went to Micheal room and narrated everything that has happened between Sonia and i in the morning to him. 

Micheal told me not to judje David before hearing his own part of the story because this may be another plan of Sonia,i went back to my room and met favour searching my room for my phone,i almost gave her a dirty slap but i hold myself because i know she will definitely tell mom and dad that i had a phone,i asked her what she was looking for in my room and she told me that she wants to play with my phone for a while,i told her that we agreed for her to be using it in the night and not in the day time but she pleaded with me to use if for a while and i had no other option than to allow her use it so i gave it to her.,she played with it for sometime and we left to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

dad came home and we all had dinner before retiring to our rooms except for micheal who was watching a movie,favour and i got to my room and met my phone ringing,i looked at it and saw my phone ringing,what does he want now,i said to myself ,i answered the call and warned David not to call me again but he pleaded with me to just give him one last chance to explain everything to me at school the following day,i quickly remember what Micheal advised me to do and i told David that i will be waiting for his explanation the next day and hung up,i gave the phone to Favour after asking her to drop the phone after thirty minutes time. 

a call from David woke me up telling me to come to school very early because he asked something very important to tell me before class commence. I quickly took a shower and left for school but on getting to school i saw David and Sonia sitting together discussing.

To be continued... . 
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