Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 7

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 7

How time flies,i looked at myself,i am in ss3 now at faith group of school,David ,Sonia and i are still best of friends and we are all preparing for our ssce together. Favour my younger sister is now attending faith group of school together with us,she is about taking common entrance examination,she is a big girl now and very brilliant and she no longer blackmail me for my phone because i gave it to her after dad bought me a phone in ss3. Micheal my elder brother is in the university now studying petroleum engineering his dream course, you may wonder how he get to study engineering because as you all know dad has always chosen art for him so he can study business management,dad allowed him to study engineering on the condition that i will study business management so i can run the company when he retired and i didnt decline because that has always been my dream course because i have always want to be my own boss,dad is no longer like before altough he still wanted to choose for us but he allowed friends to visit us on weekends and also allow us to go out on weekends but that will be the ones he knew.

David and Sonia often comes to visit me at home especially on weekends and we all make preparations together for our coming ssce, finally we all wrote the exams and came out in flying colours,Favour also wrote the common entrance examinations and came out successfully,she is now in ss1 at faith group of school. David,Sonia and i no longer attend faith group of school because we are preparing for our jamb and we no longer see each other often except on weekends,we all choose university of benin as our first choices to study our dream courses. 

David chooses to study mechanical engineering,Sonia chooses mass communication and i chooses enterpreneur and business management, Micheal came home for holiday and also help in tutoring us for our jamb and post ume,we all came out successfully and was admitted into university of benin to study our various courses.

Dad was so happy to hear that i have gained admission into the university,mom was also very proud of me,she told me that she felt the same joy she felt when micheal gained admission into uniport and that she is very glad we are all making her proud.Dad took all of us out that evening for celebration and we all have fun together, i was so glad to see dad very happy that evening because dad hardly took us out together for celebration and i can easily count the days we all went out with dad for celebration because dad only do that very happy so i made up my mind to make dad more proud of me when i get to the university.

Micheal came home the next day to help me out with the things i need, i looked at him and i could see that he is no longer the Micheal of our secondary school days,he has now grown tall and handsome and i wonder if he has a girlfriend in school because i have never heard him talked about such things. Micheal wrote a list of all the things we need and showed it to dad,dad gave him some money to get the items and we all left to david apartment because he told me that he and Sonia will be waiting for me there,david told me few days back that his mother has been the one sponsoring Sonia to the university and she claimed that she is doing it because of the love Sonia and her mother showed her at the hospital when she was admitted but he suspected that there was something more to that.

Micheal and i got to David apartment and from there we all left for the supermarket to get the items,we all have fun together that day and left for our various home.

The next day david called and told me that his mother will be taking him and Sonia to school the next day to pay the required bills, i told him that i will talk to my parents and see if they can come with me so we can all go together,after dinner i told mom about the idea and she agreed to come with us the next day,the next morning mom,David, Sonia, David mom and i all left for the university, David mom paid the required bill for sonia and David and mom paid my bills after that they rented two apartment off campus, one of them is for David and the other one is for Sonia and i,my mom insisted that Sonia and i should live in the apartment she rented for me because we are both girls so David can live in the one his mother rented for him because the both of them cant live together and it will be a waste of money if she rented two apartment for both of them,david mother thank my mother and we all left for our various home.

To be continued.. ... .
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