Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 3

 Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 3

was so shocked by the content of the text message,i tought of what to do but nothing came into my mind,after some time i concluded to tell mom a ly so she can allow me to go to school because i want to know what David and Sonia are up to,just then mom called me and i ran to her room,i got to mom room and met her writing on a piece of paper,she gave me the paper and asked me to take some money from her bag and get the drugs on the piece of paper for her at the junction,i got to my room,changed my clothes when something came into my mind to check up on David at school,i knew that David cannot skip class to be with sonia because he never played with his studies but something in me still tell me to check up on them,i quickly ran to the chemists,got the drugs and took a bike to school,luckily for me i got to school at break time,i called out a primary five student and ask him to call David for me but he came back and tell me that he cant find him,i also told him to check up on Sonia but he told me that he didnt see her either,i left school very disappoint with David for lying to me.

i got home and met mom in the sitting room and i was happy that she is getting better,i gave her the drugs and was about leaving when she called me back and asked me where i was coming from,i was very shocked by her question or has she find out that i left the chemist a long time ok, i prayed in my mind that she hasnt find out about David and i because she is going to kill me and if she tell dad about it then it will be worst,i was still thinking of what to say when she ask me the same question again,i knew that i am in deep trouble and Micheal is not even here to save me,i decided to pretend and told her that i am coming from the chemist but before i could finished saying it a slap landed on my cheek and i feel to the ground.

she asked me to sit down and i quickly obey her,she asked me where i was coming from again but i didnt say anything,she quikly brought out a cane from under the table and asked me to start talking,i knew that i cant tell her about what is happening between David,Sonia and i because that will worsen an already bad situation but i had to do something to get out of this so i decided to stood my ground and tell her that i want to the chemists but it took some time before they gave me the drugs but before i could finished speaking she gave me another slap that is hotter than the first and ask me to stand up and sit on the chair,i quickly did as she said and she sat down next to me,she told me that she waited for me for sometime and i didnt show up so she went to the chemists and they told her that i boarded a bike and left as soon as i came out of the chemists,she asked me where i boarded a bike to and i quickly told her that i boarded a bike to school to tell my classmate to copy all the assignment in a piece of paper son i can collect it from her,she gave me the i dont believe you look and told me that she knew i am lying to her and that she will get to the root of this matter and if she find out that what she is thinking is true she wont hesitate to punish me and tell dad about it because she didnt trained her children to tell lies.i quickly ran to my room and started praying for mom not to find out the truth,i quickly switch off my phone and hid it.

To be continued...... 
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