Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 8

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 2 Episode 8

we all move into our apartment and started
schooling,the university opened another
sphere in our life,a sphere to a whole range
of new activities,university life is quite
different from secondary school life,here we
dont have to go back home to our parents
everyday,we have to stay till the end of the
semester before going home for holidays.
The building is different from secondary
school building,the large halls and buildings
in the campus,the library,the lecture
halls,various auditoriums,living
apartments,cafeteria and so on. what baffles
me the most is the kind of people
there,youth with different characters and all
that, i asked sonia how she find the new
environment one afternoon when we were
coming back from lectures and she told me
that the environment is good but the
students are inresponsible, i told her that
some of them are responsible and that we
should work hard to be among the
responsible ones.

We got to our apartment,made something to
eat and left for david apartment which is not
that far from our apartment to spend the rest
of the evening with him,we all chatted for a
while and he offered to take us to dinner the
next day.The next day at noon Sonia asked
me if i have already picked out the clothes i
will be putting on to dinner with David, i gave
her a wierd look and asked her if that is the
first time we will be going out with David and
she told me that this is the first time we all
will be having dinner together as an 

undergraduate, i told her that there is nothing
so special about that and she told me that if
it is not special to me then it is very special
for her. I looked at her and i wondered within
myself if she still have feelings for David, i
looked at myself and asked myself the same
question but got no reply from myself.

David called me that evening and asked if we are ready,I told him that we are almost ready,we quickly got ready and went over to his apartment,we met him at the front of his apartment waiting for us,I looked at him and I could see that he is all dressed up,we all exchanged greetings and left to a fast food that is not quite far from his apartment, he asked us to order what we are going to eat and we both order fried rice and malt,he ordered for what we ordered and we all started eating,while eating I asked him why he ordered fried rice and he told me that he ordered it because I ordered it I looked at him and we both started laughing, he stop laughing and asked me if I knew how to prepare fried rice,I told him I can try and we all ate together silently, we finished eating and was about going home when he told us that he has a surprise for us,he brought out three tickets from his pocket,he gave one to me and gave one to Sonia,I look at it and saw that it is to watch a movie, we all left together to the cinema to watch a very interesting movie,after the movie we all left for his apartment, we chatted with him for sometime and left for our apartment.

We got to our apartment and I asked Sonia if she enjoyed the outing,she told me that she enjoyed it but I could sensed that there is something unusual about since the outing, I tried to find out what is bothering her but she told me that everything is OK. I lay on my bed to sleep but sleep couldn’t come,I started thinking about David and now Sonia and I have fought for him in the past,I knew that Sonia still love David and I also love him deeply but what about him,does he love any of us ,I asked myself or is he just here to shatter our friendship, but if he love any of us why can’t he just say it out,I kept questioning myself ,I looked at Sonia and I prayed within myself that the time won’t come when we will have to fight because of David again.

To be continued .. ... 
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