Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Last Episode

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Last Episode 

Don’t just stand there Cynthia, I asked a question,” David said in a very harsh toon.

I looked at madam Sandra and she gave me a sign with her eyes to tell him the truth but i couldn’t bring myself to tell him so I tried to changed the topic instead.

“E e e e Dave what are you doing here eee I didn’t m mean that you didn’t have the right to come here but I spoke to you on phone yesterday and you didn’t told me you were coming,I even came to your apartment this morning but you weren’t back so let’s just say that I am very shocked to see you here”,I replied trying to changed the topic.

“Don’t try to act smart Cynthia, I came back without telling you because I wanted to surprise you but I got to my apartment and I didn’t see you and I also went to your apartment but you weren’t there either, I waited for you but you didn’t come so I tought you went to somewhere far and I came here to buy airtime and called you but I heard your voice instead and I decided to eavesdrop because as far as I know i have never saw you discussing so serious with anyone and I know you two must be talking about something very serious because lately you have been acting very weird and even tough I travelled I can still sense it on phone so I want you to clarify everything I heard by your answering my questions”

” E e e e Dave all what you heard is Ntin serious, madam Sandra replied trying to console him but he only got worst”.

“Madam Sandra please stay out of this because this is between Cynthia and i,now answer my question Cynthia,”
David replied in a very harsh toon. 

“David please just calm down”,I replied trying to calm him down.

“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down,I demand an explanation right now”,he replied in a more harsh toon.

“David this is not the way to settle things here,just calm down so we can talk about it please,”madam Sandra told him and tried to calm him down.

“Madam I told you to stay out if this because this is between Cynthia and I”.

“Dave i don’t understand why you are so angry,is not that you saw us killing someone,
I replied.

“Oh yes you expect me to congratulate you for keeping secrets and prefer sharing them with her right.

“No that’s not what i meant Dave”.

“Yes that is what you mean,you expect me to run to you,give you a big hug and say thank you Cynthia for keeping secrets”.

“This is so unlike you Dave, you can’t even show some modesty and obey madam Sandra”.

“How do you expect me to respect her when you can’t even respect me,I ask you a question like about five minutes ago and you are here diverting it to somewhere else”.

“Is alright Dave,I will give you answers but not here and you have to calm down first”.

“And what do you mean by not here”.

“What I mean is that I will answer your question if you can calm down and we go home and we can talk at home please my love”.

“Heeeeee please just save those sweet words for another day because I am not in for it”.

“You are just saying it because you are angry and when you calm down you will apologise but don’t bother to apologise because I already forgave you

” Look Cynthia I am not here for games so you better go straight to the point”,
David cuts in.

“I am sorry,so can we go home and I will explain everything to you”

“No I can just give the both of you some few minutes to talk about it,”
madam Sandra cuts in.

“No there is no need for that madam, I prefer we talk about this at home and decide very well”.

“What are we deciding about,”
David cuts in.

“Please just calm down Dave,I promise to tell you everything at home”.

“Alright then come out so we can go”
“Goodbye ma and thanks so much for your advice”.

“Oh is nothing my child,just take things easy and tell me what you both decided OK and please tell him the truth”.

“Yes I will ma,have a nice day”.
“So now that we are home can you explain everything I heard very clearly to me,”
David told me as soon as we got to his apartment.

“Dave please just give me time,you know we just got here”.

“Don’t you try to play dumb Cynthia”
he replied in a very harsh toon.

“Alright fine but please take what I am going to tell you like a man”.

“Please Cynthia just say it and stop beating around the bush”.

“I am pregnant”
I replied very scared and I couldn’t even look at his face

“What did you just say”
he replied almost stammering.

To be continued..... 
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