Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 1

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 1

I ran to my apartment in tears, I can’t believe that my foolishness has made me lose David, i tried calling him but his number is not reachable. Sonia came home the following day and notice that all was not well with me,she tried to find out what the problem is but I didn’t tell her because I am very angry with her.

Three days pass by and I still didn’t got a call from David,not even a flash,the past three day was like hell to me,I can’t imagine living my life without David especially now that he has confess his feelings towards me,I knew I had to do something about it because I am loosing my mind,I almost went to his apartment to see him but I later changed my mind and travelled to Port Harcourt to see Micheal because he is the only person that understands me but everything changed when I explained everything to him,he became so mad at me and blamed me for everything that has been happening to me,he told me that he has always warned me about Sonia but I wouldn’t listen and now I am letting her decide my life for me and that I am no longer a kid so I should know what is right for me and what is not right.

I am more than shocked to see Micheal making those statement to me because he has never shouted at me before,I tried to calm him down but that made him worst,he was about walking out on me when Jane his girlfriend walked into his apartment. Jane was very happy to see me but when she saw the look on our faces she knew that something is not right.

“What is going on here,”
she questioned staring at us confusingly. 

“You don’t have to worry Jane,we were just having a brother and sister argument,”
Micheal replied and walked out.

Jane knew that something is not right and quickly asked me to come with her to her apartment so we can talk,I quickly obliged because I really need to talk to someone at that moment.

We got to her apartment and luckily for me, her roommate Esther has gone out and won’t be back until the next day. She offered me a sit and was about getting me a drink but I decline and told her that I don’t need a drink but she wouldn’t take no for an answer and kept pressuring me,after much pressure I agreed to take water.

She got me the water and sat close to me,I knew very well that she want to find out what happened between Micheal and I and just as I expected she asked me what happened between Micheal and i,I told her that is nothing serious but she told me she didn’t buy it because she haven’t seen Micheal that angry before. I tought about explaining everything to her but I don’t trust her yet because Micheal only introduced her to me some few weeks back so I told her not to worry.

She told me that she heard Michael and I arguing about some guy name David and she know very well that our argument is about that same guy,after much pressure I narrated everything to her,I tought she was going to judge me but surprisingly to me she didn’t judge me,she told me that I am wrong to judge David without proper confirmation but that doesn’t give him the right to chase me out of his apartment because we are all human and we are bound to get jealous once in a while,I told her that I will apologise to David immediately I get back to school but she told me that it will be unwise to do that because a man should always be the one to fight for a woman love and if it is the other way round then the woman will appear cheap to a man and will be the one to continue begging in the relationship, she told me to go back to school and pretend not to be affected by what he did and when he get to know that what he did is not affecting me in any way then he will come to apologise me and even if he did apologise I shouldn’t accept him in a rush, I should make him fight for my love because if I go into a relationship with him after fighting for his love then I will be the one to continue fighting for his love in the relationship.

I thanked Jane so much for her advise and promised her that I will act on it. Micheal came to her house in the evening and apologised to me for what happened in the afternoon, I told him I have forgiven him but i would like to spend the night at jane apartment,he obliged and left for his apartment. I travelled back to school the next morning and quickly rushed down to my apartment to prepare for lectures but on getting to my apartment I met David waiting for me at the front of my apartment

to be continued..............
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