Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 8

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 8

“Don’t worry my dear,we haven’t concluded anything yet so just take things easy”,she replied trying to console me.

“Please ma can’t I just go ahead and do the test without waiting for the date of my period”.

“Cynthia please take it easy,this is why I don’t want to tell you in the first place”.

“Ma how can i take it easy, I am still in school and if my parents ever find out about this then I amm dead”.

“Cynthia you are a grown up girl now and you will soon be a graduate, there are so many girls who have gotten married in school and graduated with a good certificate, i don’t know why you girls of nowadays always panicked when you hear about the possibility of getting pregnant”.

“Ok ma I have heard all you say and i will wait till the date of my period because there is no need to jump into conclusions”.

“That is my girl,let me get you some drugs to subside the headache OK”,
 she replied and gave me some drugs and I left for my apartment, I got to my apartment and try to eat but I couldn’t eat,madam Sandra word’s kept repeating in my heads,how can I get pregnant in my second year in school and how is David going to take it if it is true, oh God please don’t let this happen to me because I can’t take it,I quickly remembered Ngozi, Ngozi is a daughter to my mother’s friend,she got pregnant at her third year in the university and decided to have an abortion because the guy responsible for the pregnancy denied it but unknowingly to her the doctor in charge of aborting the pregnancy knows her mother very well through his wife who is a friend of Ngozi mother,the doctor told her to come back the following day but when she got there the next day her mother is at the doctors office waiting for her because the doctor have asked his wife to inform Ngozi mother about what her daughter is about to do and that was how Ngozi became a school dropout because her mother didn’t let her abort the pregnancy and she is ashamed of going to lectures with the pregnancy,she was later forced to marry a rich old man who agreed to marry her and cater for the pregnancy because her parents are not well to do and now she is a mother of three kids,two for the rich old man and the eldest daughter was the result of the pregnancy he married her with. She is living happily with the man but the children of the man who were almost twice her age were making things difficult for her because they think she married their father for his money and that she will try to take all his wealth and turn his love away from them,oh my God please I don’t want to end up like Ngozi, please help me. 

Waiting for my period is like hell to me,I couldn’t bring myself to tell David about my problem because I don’t want to spoil the fun he is having at home and I am also afraid of what his reaction will be so I decided to wait for my period date like madam Sandra advised.

The day finally came but my period didn’t came, I waited from morning till evening but it didn’t came so I quickly ran to madam Sandra shop but she told me to wait till the next day,I tried to persuade her for the home pregnancy test but she insisted that I have to wait till the following day, I tought of going to the hospital or even another shop but I don’t want to broadcast myself so I had no choice than to wait till the following day,waiting for the following day is like hell to me,I tried to force myself to sleep but sleep couldn’t come because all that was in my mind was to know my faith and think of the next possible solution.

As early as 7am the following day I ran to madam Sandra shop but she hasn’t opened for the day so I sat down to wait for her at the front of her shop.

“Ha Cynthia you are here this early morning”
,she said to me immediately she came down from the bike that brought her.

“Yes ma I had come to tell you that I haven’t seen my period yet”.

“Ha Cynthia you worry too much so that’s the reason why you are here so early?”,
she asked.

“Please ma there is no need to delay,I just want to know my faith in this”.

“Is OK let me clean up and help you with the test but first of all you have to go home and bring your urine”,
she replied and gave me a cup with a cover.

“Ma isn’t there any toilet I can use around here”.

“I would have let you use the toilet over there but people know you around this area and they may suspect so its better you go home and bring it”.

“Ok ma,”
I replied and quickly ran to David apartment, I came back fifteen minutes later with my urine in the cup she gave me and gave it to her. She brought out a white sachet,tore it open and brought out a tiny something that look like aluminum, she explained how it is used to me but didn’t allow me used it myself because she said that I am nervous and may not do it well, she dipped one end of it into the cup that contains my urine and told me to wait for three minutes before bringing it out and if three or two lines are red or even light red then it means that I am pregnant.

To be continued.... .. 
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