Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 2

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 2

He saw me and walked up to me but I ignored him and kept walking to my apartment, he ran up to me but before he could get to me,I ran into my apartment and locked the door,I heard him knocking on the door and calling out my name but I didn’t replied him because I have made up my mind to ignore him and make him fight for my love as Jane advised,he kept knocking for sometime and left when he got no reply from me.

He came back later in the evening but Sonia made things worst for him by telling him that I don’t want to have anything to do with him ever again,he tried to force himself into our apartment but Sonia closed the door on him
The following day i came back from lectures and saw David sitting at the front of my apartment, I made to run but he caught hold of my hand.

“Let go of my hand Dave”,
I shouted at him and tried to free my hand from his but he was way stronger than I am so I had no choice than to concur.

“Why ate you doing this to me Cynthia,”
 he replied almost in tears.

“Oh,so you don’t know the reason why right,you are trying to tell me you don’t know the reason why you sent me out of your apartment by 8pm four days ago right,”
I shouted at him.

“But you are the cause of it Cynthia, you should not have judged me without proper confirmation,”he replied in a calm toon.

“If that is the case then what are you doing here,”
I replied.

“I am here to make amends, these past few days have been a living hell to me without you, I tought you were going to come to me but you didn’t,”
 he replied. 

“Oh so you think I will keep running after you for the rest of my life,I am sorry to disappoint you Dave but that ends now,I can’t spend the rest of my life chasing after a guy who don’t even care about me,”I replied In tears.

“Of course I care about you Cynthia, you are my life and you have always been there for me,I sent you out of my apartment because I was hurt by seeing how you think low of me but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you,”
he replied

“No Dave you are only saying this because I have always been there for you and you felt pity for me but I don’t want a guy who will love me because of all what I have done for him in the past,I want a guy who will love me for who I am,”
I replied in tears.

“Don’t say that Cynthia,you know that I have always loved you, my love for you is genuine and not for pity but I was just waiting for the right time to tell you”,
 he replied.

“Don’t you dare say that Dave, don’t you dare say it to my face,you are only saying all this because you don’t want to hurt me and you knew it, i am tired of this Dave, I am tired so please stay away from my life and never come back”
,I said to him and was about going into my apartment when he caught hold of my hand and knelt down.

“I have always loved you Cynthia, right from the day i set my eyes on you I fell in love with you but we were too young then and I dont want to destroy our future,I was only waiting for the right time to tell you and that’s was why I chooses uniben because you choose it and I want to be closer to you”,he replied. “Please don’t shut me out of your life because I made one mistake,please I beg you Cynthia”.

Seeing him kneeling down and apologising to to almost changed my mind but I knew that was not enough to make he accept him,if he really love me then he has to do more,I said to myself and ran into my apartment.

“What is he doing here”,
Sonia said to me as soon as soon saw me.

“Sonia have you ever think of me as ur friend,you saw the way I ran into the apartment in tears and you didn’t even care to ask me why and all you can think about is why David is here”
,I said to her.

“Just shut up and answer my question, what us that fool doing here,”
she shouted at me.

“Don’t you dare call David a fool again”,
I shouted at her.

“I will call him what I like and there is nothing you can do about it”
she replied. “Just look at yourself shedding tears for a guy that sent you out of his apartment by 8pm,I am so disappointed in you Cynthia.

“For your information David loves me and he has confessed his love to me,”
I replied.

“What did you just say” 
she replied shockingly.

“You heard me very well,David asked me to date him and I am thinking of saying yes to him”I replied.

“I dare you to say yes to David”,
 she replied In a very harsh toon.

“You can dare me for as much as you want but I am saying yes to him and there is nothing you can do about it”,
I shouted at her.

David just ask you out few days ago and you are planning to say yes to him,”
she replied.

Yes I am or are you jealous?”,
I asked her in a mocking manner.

“No my dear”,
she replied. I just find it our to believe that I have been living with a cheap prostitute.

“How dare you call me a cheap prostitute,”
 I replied and gave her a dirty slap.

“Did you just slapped me”,
 she said to me rubbing her cheek.

“Yes and I will do it again and again if you dont choose your word carefully,”
I shouted at her.

“You are going to regret this”
,she said to me and walked out of our apartment.

To be continued..................
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