Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 4

Love Story : Careless Love,  Season 3 Episode 4

I just kept starring at David because I don’t know what to say,I turned to look at the crowd and saw some of them urging me to say yes while some of them were starring at me with jealousy, I turn to look at the other side of the crowd and saw Sonia shedding tears,I felt a lot of pity for her that moment, I knew that I can’t fulfill the promise I made to her at that moment but still I can’t break it in such form,I need to talk to her and get her consent first before accepting David, I was still deep in tought when David interrupted me by asking me to say something, I looked at David and turned to look at the crowd, I know that saying no to David will be a big disappointment to the crowd but I can’t just say yes because I need to talk to Sonia first.
“I am very sorry Dave,”
 I told David in a very low toon and ran out.
David stood up and ran after me but couldn’t caught up with me because I ran as fast as my legs could carry me,I ran past his apartment and tought he was going to stop at his apartment but surprisingly to me he kept running after me until I got to my apartment, he caught up with me when I tried to opened the door to my apartment and find out that the door is locked.

“Cynthia why are you doing this to me,did I do something wrong by asking you to be my girlfriend or are you in love with someone else, please talk to me”,
 he said to me almost in tears and I felt pity for him.

Just then Sonia walk past us,gave us a weird look and walked into our apartment,I was about explaining everything to him but Sonia didn’t give me the chance to do that,she walked out of our apartment and demand to speak with me in private, I excused myself from David and followed her to the corner of our apartment. 

“What was that for,” I said to her angrily.

“So you have finally accepted him after everything I told you.

“You can’t run my life for me Sonia, I can’t let you do that because we have our different life to live”.

“So I am running your life for you now right,anyway I have nothing to say to you for now because he is still here, I am going to madam Osas carteen to get some food because there is no food in the house,do you want me to get some food for you?”.

“No,I will just prepare indomie and egg”,
 I replied.

“Alright then I will see you later,” she said and left.

I went back to David and invite him into my apartment, I offered him a drink but he decline and continue asking for a reply to his questions,after a while I made up my mind to explain everything to him but I can’t explain it to him at my apartment because I knew Sonia can walked in any moment from now. I pleaded with him to calm down which he did and I told him I will give him answer at him apartment and we went to his apartment, we got to his apartment and I explained everything that has been going on between Sonia and I to him including how she has been threathening and fighting me all because of him.

“What,you mean Sonia has been doing all that to you and you didn’t even bother to tell me?”, he asked after I explained everything to him.

“I don’t think it is necessary Dave”,
 I replied.

“You don’t think it is necessary, what if she did something bad to you”.

“She is harmless, she is just saying all that because she is hurt”

“Well I am going over to your apartment to give her the warning of her life,how dare she threatened you because of me”,
he replied and made to walk out of his apartment but I quickly caught hold of his hand and stopped him.

“Please let her be Dave,I will handle her my own way”.

“How can I let her be when she is hurting you,what if she decided to carry out all her threat some day”.

“Don’t worry Dave, I promise to handle her soon enough”.

“Alright if you say so,I just felt like giving her a very dirty slap right now”.

Please calm down, I promised to handle her ok”.

“I have heard you but please be careful of her and don’t let her come between us because I love you so much and I can do anything to prove it”.

“Is OK Dave you have already done a lot to prove your love for me and I think that is enough,all I want for you is to give me sometime to think about it,relationship is not something we rush into ok”.

Alright you have all the time in the world to think about it but please don’t be too long because you may come back and meet a dead man”.

“Funny you Dave”.

“Is not a joke Cynthia I meant every word I just said”.

“Don’t worry I won’t take too long ok, now please come and see me off”.

“Alright let me see you off because I will be the happiest man on earth in a few days”,
he replied and walked me out.

I got to my apartment and met Sonia sitting outside talking to herself and almost ready to pick a fight,I almost went back to David apartment but i changed my mind and decided to face her.

To be continued...... .
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