Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 3 Episode 4

Love Story : Unplanned Love,  Season 3 Episode 4

It’s been five days in Vegas and adeola have being having the best time of her life. She has never being so relaxed and happy and a times she wished the vacation never ends except she missed Segun and her dad. Thanks to God for answering her prayers because segun have not being giving her altitude. Assuming segun was here with her, the vacation would have being perfect she thought. She talks to him and her dad every day. She also missed her friends especially kemi, they always call each other. She remembered calling each of them, and ironically thanking them for the seductive wears they packed inside her box. She recollected all the fun activities she had seen and participated in and the new friends she made three days ago. Here she was five days later having lunch with alex 

‘’So we have not really talked much because all we do is go out’’
 Said alex swallowing his food
‘’Tell me more about yourself’’
 said alex smiling. He was happy they were finally having lunch together. For close to four month he has been in Nigeria and have seen her, he had never seen her being so happy and lively. He was completely sure she was enjoying the vacation. He noticed she has become more free towards him and a times he guessed she sees him as her brother. ‘’Assuming she was his wife, he wouldn’t mind bring here every year just to see this happy mood of her’’ he thought
‘’What do you want to know about me’’
 asked adeola smiling 

‘’Anything pertaining to you’’ replied alex

‘’Alex, anything is nothing’’
 said adeola

‘’Okay, how was growing up like after I left’’
 asked alex

‘’Difficult at first and after few months it was fun’’ 
replied adeola

‘’How was it difficult’’ 
asked alex
‘’My mum passing away and me leaving with my grandma in a new environment were maids are not there to do the works’’.’’ Grandma and I always had misunderstanding in the first month and she disciplines me then; I remember I always cry and told her I want to go back home’’. ‘’Whenever my dad came I also told him but grandma insisted he shouldn’t take me’’. ‘’But gradually I started seeing things from her own point of view, we became closer and later became best of friends’’. ‘’She taught me lots of things that I guessed if my mum were to be alive, she wouldn’t have done half of it’’
 said adeola.

‘’Wow that’s good; When did she died’’
 asked alex

‘’She died when I was in two hundred level at the university; i remembered crying my eyes out’’
 replied adeola
‘’Am so sorry for your loss’’
 replied alex

‘’Please don’t be, am getting used to it’’
 replied adeola
‘’Use to what’’
 asked alex
‘’My loved ones dying, remember one will soon happen in the next two years’’
said adeola forcing a fake smiling and tearing rolling down her cheeks

‘’Hey, don’t say that; you have me, my parent, your wonderful friends and Segun’’. ‘’We all are here for you’’
 said alex holding her fingers

‘’I guess’’
 said adeola wiping the tears her face with the handkerchief
‘’All will be fine’’
 said alex
‘’Okay, thank you alex for being a good brother to me’’
 said adeola smiling
‘’You are welcome’’
 said alex

‘’Hey, let go I want to take you somewhere’’
 said alex
 asked adeola
‘’Let just get a cab, I know you will like the place’’. ‘’I got to know the place through James’’
 said alex
‘’Remember James the driver’’
 asked alex on entering the taxi
 replied adeola
Minutes later they came down from the taxi and entered a building that seemed to be the tallest building in the city.

‘’Alex where are we going; do you know someone here’’
 asked adeola

‘’Nope just be patient we will soon get there’’
 replied alex pressing the elevator button

On reaching the last floor, they both climbed the steps that leads to the roof top
‘’Wow, I can see the whole city; this is beautiful’’ said aadeola sounding loud
‘’Yes, I came here yesterday, when you girls were busy shopping’’
 saide alex
‘’It wasn’t has beautiful yesterday because it wasn’t dark’’
 said alex
‘’Do you like it’’
 asked alex
‘’Are you kidding me; I love it’’
 said adeola bringing her phone out to snap pictures

‘’Thank you alex, you just made my night’’
 said adeola smiling at him

‘’You are welcome little sister’’
 replied alex and both of them laughed

To be continued...... 
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