Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 6

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 6

“What,how can you say such a thing Cynthia, are you out of your mind”

“No Dave,I just want to feel you inside me,is that too much to ask”.

“It is not too much to ask but isn’t it too early for that?”,
he asked.

“A day more,a day less,what is the difference Dave?”.

“Listen Cynthia, I don’t know why we are arguing about this but I just can’t bring myself to do it,this is our first day together for Christ sake “.

“It doesn’t matter Dave,what matters is that we love each other”.

“I don’t think this is the Cynthia I fell in love with but whoever you are you cannot tempt me”.

“So I am a devil now right?”
“No that’s is not what I meant Cynthia”

“Fine Dave,why won’t you call me a devil because I expressed my feelings to you”.

“Cynthia please don’t turn my happiest day into the worst”,for God sake this is our first day together and we shouldn’t be arguing please Cynthia just understand”.

“Did you just say our first day together,is that the only excuse you have or is there something you are not telling me”.

“Something like what Cynthia, something like what, listen Cynthia there is nothing you will say that will make me have s-x with you on our first day together”.

“Did I just hear you say our first day together, listen Dave if you didn’t do what I ask of you then consider this relationship you so much treasure over”.

“What,is that a treat or what”.

“No my dear Dave,it is a statement of fact and you know I hardly go back on my words”.

“You mean you are breaking up with me when we haven’t even started a relationship”.

“Look Dave, I don’t have time for this,I am going home so just have it in mind that we you and I together never existed”,
I replied and made to work out but Dave ran to me and stopped me”.

“Cynthia wait,you know I can’t let you go now that I have you because I know what it takes to make you mine so please don’t leave but are you sure about what you are asking”.

“I know what I want Dave,it doesn’t matter how many days we have been together,I just want to feel you, do you know how long I have been waiting for this day to come,is been years Dave, trying to hide the feelings I had for you and waiting for you to make the move and now that it has happened I don’t see any reason to wait,I replied and kissed him,he responded very well and we end up making love.

“Cynthia I want you to promise me that we are going to end up together no matter what”,David said to me after we finished making love.

“How can you ever think that I am going to live you Dave”
I replied.

“I know but I don’t want to loose you especially now that I have you, please promise me,”he pleaded almost in tears.

“I promise Dave,I don’t want to lose you too”,
I replied.

“Oh Cynthia my love,I promised that you are never going to loose me,no matter what,you are my life”,
he replied and hugged me with so much passion and I felt like the happiest woman in the whole world for having Dave.

I slept at Dave apartment and went back to my apartment the next morning but I met Sonia packing all her belongings.

“Where are you going to?”
,I asked her.

“Why do you care when you have being with your sweetheart since yesterday evening, you both must have made sweet love to each other but I promised you one thing,you will hear from me soon”,
she replied in tears.

“What is so wrong in spending the night in my boyfriend apartment?”,
I asked her angrily.

“Everything is wrong with it my dear,he will always see you as a cheap slot for having s-x with him in the first night of your relationship,”
 she replied in a mocking toon.

“Don’t you dare say that to me”,I replied and made to slapped her but she caught up with my hand and hold it in the air.

“Don’t you dare Cynthia, the battle line is drawn between us now,just count me as your worst enemy because that is what you are to me now,just watch out for part two of Sonia because nobody dares me and get away with it”,
she replied,picked up her bags and was about walking out of the door but I ran to stopped her because I can’t imagine life without her even tough we fought most time.

“Please Sonia don’t live,let’s just settle this between us please,we can talk about it,you know you are the only friend I have in this school apart from David”.

“You should have tought about that before betraying me just prepare to hear from me soon,now get out”,
she replied pushed me to the floor and walked away.

To be continued...... 
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