Love Story : Careless Love , Season 3 Episode 5

Love Story : Careless Love , Season 3 Episode 5

I greeted her and got no reply from her,I ignored her and started walking Into our apartment but she ran to my front and blocked my way.

“What is the meaning of this Sonia”,
I shouted at her.

“I want to have a serious talk with you right now”,she replied.

“Is that why you won’t let me go into my own apartment”.

“Like I said its very serious”.

“What could be so serious that warrant you waiting outside for me,why can’t we talk about it inside,you know its cold out here and you can get sick”

“He he he,don’t even try to act smart,”
 she cut in.

“I don’t understand what you are trying to say”

“Oh just quit the pretence Cynthia, you know exactly what I am talking about”

“Look if you have something to say just say it to my face or get out of my way,”
I replied in a very harsh toon.

“Why are you not keeping your promise Cynthia

“What promise are you talking about”
“So you are still trying to pretend”
“Look Sonia,I don’t have time for games so if you have something to say,say it to my face and stop beating around the bush”.

“Good,let me put in a way you will understand, why are you not staying away from David as you promised me”.

“So this is about David again right,anyway I am sorry to disappoint you Sonia but promises are meant to be broken,I can’t keep that promise any longer”.

” No Cynthia, promises are meant to be kept not broken”.

“Look Sonia, I know I made a promise to you but David is my life and I can’t live without him,just try to understand,”

“Then why did you promise me that you will do it when you know very well that you can’t do it,why Cynthia”.

“Because I don’t know that he feel the same way for me then and now that I know about it,I can’t just let him go,just try to understand me Sonia,please don’t make David come in between our friendship,”
 I replied in a very calm toon.

“You should have tought about our friendship before taking David away from me”

“Point of correction Sonia,I didn’t take David away from you”.

“Of course you took him away from me,you took my only love away from me”.

“David was never yours before and will never be,just accept it and move on and I am sure another guy who love you will come your way,
I replied in a very calm toon.

“Just prepare to here from me Cynthia because you can never have him as far as I am alive I will do everything in my power to separate the both of you,I promise you that”.

“You cannot do anything Sonia, those are just empty threats”.

“We shall see about that Cynthia, nobody dares me and get away with it”

“Well there is always a first time my dear,and I will be the first, now please excuse me because I don’t think I will be able to spend the night with you in this house after this argument so I rather go and spend the night at somewhere very safe and sound”,
I replied her in a mocking manner and ran back to David apartment.

I got to David apartment and he was very surprised to see me.

“Did you forget anything”?,
he asked confusingly.

“No Dave, I didn’t forget anything,”,I only came to tell you that I have accepted you in my life,”.

“This is a joke right Cynthia”,
he replied looking at me as if trying to read my expression.

“Of course is not a joke Dave,you know I can’t joke with something as serious as this”.

“Oh my God,Cynthia so you mean you have finally accepted me,you mean we are now dating,thank you lord I knew it just a matter of time and you will accept me,you have made me the happiest man on earth today”.

“is OK Dave just take it easy”.

“No I can’t take it easy, he replied and hugged me”,are you been serious about this Cynthia?”.

“Yes Dave, I have tought about this and I don’t think there is any need denying what I feel for you”.

“Oh my God,you have made me the happiest man on earth,”
 he replied and planted a kiss on my lips, we kissed passionately for two minutes and he broke the kiss. “I am so happy Cynthia, this calls for celebration, just name anywhere and I am taking you there tonight”.

“No Dave,going out is not the celebration I want tonight”.

“Alright,what kind of celebration do you want,just name it and its done,I don’t care if I closed my account just because of it but you deserved it Cynthia so just name it.

“I want you to make passionate love to me Dave,I want to feel you inside me”.

To be continued.. .. 
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