Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 7

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 3 Episode 7

 tought Sonia was just angry with me and was going to come back but when a week pass by and I didn’t see any sign of her I became worried, David told me to calm down but I couldn’t calm down, we tried to find out about her from some of her friends and course mate but they don’t know her whereabouts either. 

The worst of all is that I don’t know where she lives back home,anytime I tried to find out from her or follow her home she will postpone it with an excuse. I search for her for two weeks and still didn’t find her,David called his mom to find out if she knew her whereabouts but she denied having knowledge of her whereabouts but promised to find out from her mother,few days later she called David and told him not to worry about her but she didn’t told us if she have seen her or not but that gave David and I some hope that she is OK and we gave up on searching for her and continue our lives.

David and I became more fond of each other,we can’t even spend a day without seeing each other,we attend lectures together even tough we were not from the same department and go to library together, we goes to the market together most of the time and we spend the nights together at his apartment, we became Inseparable and most of the students became jealous of us and nicknamed us Romeo and Juliet.

Everything went well for both of us until some few months in our relationship, David travelled home for his younger sister birthday party and I am the only one at home, I spend the night at David apartment so as to get to morning lectures on time because his apartment is more closer to school than mine,my alarm woke me up by 6am and I quickly took a shower and prepare bread and tea but as soon as I sat down to eat I started having headache,I tried to eat but the headache got more worst,I stood up to get some drugs from David cupboard but as soon as I stood up I started feeling dizzy and before I knew it I started having a nausea filling in my stomach and I felt like throwing up,I quickly ran to the toilet and throw up,I almost stayed at home but I knew what missing Mr Okafor lectures meant so I quickly rinse my mouth, pick up my books and left for school. 

I couldn’t concentrate all through the lectures,the headache became more worst than it was in the morning and it was as if monster’s were playing a game of football in my head, I kept praying for Mr Okafor to round up the lectures because I knew the punishment for walking out of Mr Okafors class,he rounded the lectures few minutes later and we all went home, on my way home I decided to stop by at Mrs Sandra chemist shop that is close to David apartment to get some malaria drugs.

“Good afternoon ma,”
I said to her as soon as I got to her shop.

“Hey Cynthia, how is lectures today?”she asked

“I am not fine ma,I have been having headache since morning”.

“Sorry dear,have you taken any drugs”.
“I took paracetamol in the morning but it only got worst”.

“How did it started?”.

“Is just this morning ma,I was about eating breakfast when it started, I tried to take some paracetamol but I felt dizzy and throw up”.

“I thinks this is more than headache”,
she replied.

“Yes and that’s why I cane to explain things to you because I think it is malaria but I want to explain things to you before taking more drugs.

“I am suspecting something else but let me not jump into conclusions yet”,
she replied.
“What are you suspecting ma”.

“Have you seen your monthly flow for this month?”.

“Not yet because its not yet time for my monthly flow but it came last month”.
“Alright dear,let me give you some malaria medicine for now”.

“Please wait ma, are you suspecting that I may be pregnant?”,
I asked almost confused.

“Not really my dear but there is a possibility that you may be pregnant”.

“Eeeee God I am finished oh”,
I shouted almost In tears.

“Calm down my dear,I am not saying that you are pregnant, all I am saying is that the symptoms you just mentioned now are symptoms of malaria but they are also symptoms of pregnancy so the best thing is to wait until the date of your monthly flow and if it didn’t come then you can come back to me and I will give you a home pregnancy test but for now I will give you some drugs to subside the headache OK.

“Oh God please this shouldn’t be pregnancy”.

To be continued ...... 
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