Love Story : Careless Love, Season 4 Episode 1

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 4 Episode 1

“What did you just say”he replied almost

“I said that I am pregnant and madam Sandra
just confirmed it this morning and moreover you said you heard what we discussed so why are you so surprised”,
I replied looking
at him and trying to read his look.

“The truth is that i didn’t heard what the both of you discussed, I only heard the last word you said about aborting a pregnancy behind the father’s back and I decided to pretend to know if you are the one that is pregnant”.

“well thank God you have confirmed it for yourself”.

“wait Cynthia so you mean that you are actually pregnant for me”.

“of course Dave you know I can’t joke with something as serious as this”.

“Oh my God Cynthia when I heard it I tought
you too were just joking and now that you
have confirmed it for me I am so happy”.

“Wait wait wait Dave, so you mean you are
very happy that I am pregnant”.

“Of course my love, apart from the day you
agreed to date me, today is my happiest day”.

“Dave don’t tell me you are planning on
asking me to keep this pregnancy”.

“Don’t tell me that you have other plans in
mind because I heard you and madam Sandra talking about aborting the child behind the father’s back”.

“Yes Dave I told her to give me some drugs
so I can abort this pregnancy behind your
back but she told me to talk to you about it
first and get your opinion and that is the only
reason I am telling you”.

“What Cynthia how can you think of aborting
my baby behind my back”.

“Is not what you think Dave but that is the
only thing I can think of at that moment and I
don’t want to ruin our future”.

“My goodness Cynthia what future can be
better than getting married and having a child
who will wake you up every morning and call
you mother and call me father, what future
Cynthia answer me”.

“Dave I don’t understand are you telling me
that you want us to keep this baby”.

“Of course my dear we are keeping this

“And you didn’t even care to ask me if I want
to keep this baby or not,for Christ sake Dave
this is also my baby and I have a right too”.

“Do you considered that before trying to abort
the child behind my back”.

“And that is exactly what I am going to do
Dave,I am getting rid of this baby because I
don’t want it to destroy my future”.

“You are not aborting this baby Cynthia, I
disagree with you and I don’t care about what
I have to do but you are keeping this child.

“No I am not dave,I can’t let this child
destroy my future”

“And I asked again,what future can be better
than having a child who will call me dad and
call you mom everyday”.

“For Christ sake Dave we are still in
school,have you ever sit down and tought
about what your parents will say if they get to
find out about this”.

“I don’t care about what they will say and I
don’t care about what people will say but all I
know is that a guy and a lady can do
whatever they want as soon as they get to 18
years and as far as I know we are more than
18 years so please calm down and have

“Please Dave let’s just get get rid of this
baby, we will have a baby at God appointed

“If this is not God appointed time then you
won’t have been pregnant by now,listen have
you for once thought about the damage you
will be doing to yourself by having an abortion,
what if your womb got destroyed in the
process and you couldn’t give birth in your life
or what if you died in the process do you think
you can make heaven”.

“Dave please just stop telling me about what
might happened to me”.

“You don’t want to hear it because you know
its true”.

“Oh God I don’t know what to do anymore, if
my parents find out about this then I am

“Don’t talk like that my dear we can walk
something out,I will talk to my dad and we will
come see your parents before they get to
know about the pregnancy and if they agreed
then we can go ahead and get married before
people will start suspecting that you are
pregnant we would have been married or
don’t you want to marry me”.

“Of course I love you and I want to marry you
Dave but not this way,not in a hurry”.

“Stop Cynthia the best thing is that we will be
getting married and we with be having
freedom to do whatever we want OK, just
think about it but first you have to go to the
hospital for a test to know how old the
pregnancy is”.

“Oh God please it shouldn’t be up to a

“Don’t worry even if it is up to a month we
can still work things out but promise me that
you won’t get rid of this pregnancy behind my

“Dave please don’t put me in this situation”.
“No just promise me first”.
“Alright I promise”
“That’s my baby so let’s get inside the
bathroom, take a shower and then I go for
lectures and you to the hospital to find out
how old the pregnancy is”.

“Alright Dave but you have to carry me to the

“You know I can carry you round the world
Cynthia,he replied and carried me to the
bathroom,we took a shower and depart to our
various destinations.

To be continued.... 
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