Love Story : Careless Love, Season 4 Episode 2

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 4 Episode 2

I got to the hospital and explain what I want
to one of the nurses and she took me to the
lab for the test,she told me to wait for few
minutes and I sat down and tried to get
myself busy with my phone,few minutes later
she came out and called me to the doctors
office and I went with her.

“Hope there is no problem?”,I asked her on our way to the doctors office.

No not at all,is just that the doctor is the
person in charge of giving out text result to
avoid mixed up”
,she replied in a very friendly manner and I smiled at her.

“Good afternoon doctor”,
I greeted the doctor as soon as we entered his office.

“Good afternoon madam,please what is your
he asked.

“Miss Cynthia David’s”,
I replied.

“He screw through the envelope and brought
out one if it with my name attached to it.

“Madam do you want me to read it out or give
it to you to read yourself?”,
he asked.

“Read it out to me doctor”.
” congratulations Madam this result here has
confirmed you four weeks pregnant”.

I shouted on top of my voice.

“Madam is anything the matter”,?
both the
doctor and the nurse asked at the same time.

“No is nothing to worry about,”I replied and walk out of the doctor’s office. I was about
stopping a bike when I heard the nurse calling
me and running towards me.

“Good afternoon aunty”,
she greeted as soon as she get to me. 

“Good afternoon, can I help you”,I asked her.

“No on the contrary because I am the one
who wants to help you,”.

“How do you mean?”,
I ask her looking

“madam what I want to help you now is not part of my job and I don’t want you to misjudged me and the only reason i am telling you this is because I saw your mood in the doctor and i like you and I think you need help that’s why I am volunteering to do this from my heart”.

“Please nurse just go straight to the point
because as you can see I am in a rush”.

“Alright madam, I saw the way you looked
when the doctor told you that you are four
weeks pregnant and I know that you are not
happy about this pregnancy so I came to tell
you that I can help you get rid of the
pregnancy in case you need someone to do
that for you”.

“so that is what you nurses do here”.

“is not like that my dear, I hardly tell people things because they always come to us themselves and its not like all the nurses known anything about it,is just me and one of the nurses that do this and apart from them no one knows about this”.

what about the doctor did the doctor knows about this?”
asked her.

“No is just what we nurse do to help young help young girls like you here and be rest
assure that there will be no side effect
because we are an expert in it”.

“and who gave you the feeling that I need help with my unborn baby”.

“listen my dear I am a nurse and I have seen so many women with the same situation as you but what about the father of the baby and have you told him”.

“that is non of your business nurse”.

Alright then this is my number you can call me if you made up your mind,I have to go now because they might be
looking for me just take care and don’t
hesitate to call me as soon as you make up
your mind OK and please think carefully about this,if you want the child you can keep it and I don’t want you to think that I am trying to make you get rid of your baby because of money so please give this a tought and get back to me with the number OK”,
she replied and left.

“The following day I was at home reading
when I got a call from my phone,l looked at
the number but it is an unknown number so I
ignored it but it kept calling and I answered it
on the fourth ring”.

“Miss Cynthia you have been ignoring my calls
a lady said as soon as I answered

“How do you mean and who is this”.

“This is one if the ladies that has been
sharing your boyfriend David with you and I
would like for us to meet so I can tell you the
details because I don’t want you to end up
with such a guy”.

“What are you talking about and how do you

“Listen miss Cynthia you will receive an
address in a few minutes and if you want to
know more about this Information then come
to the address immediately, see you soon”,
she replied and hang up.

Few minutes later the address came into my
phone,I quickly board a bike and went to the
address immediately.

To be continued... . 
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