Love Story : Careless Love, Season 4 Episode 3

 Love Story : Careless Love, Season 4 Episode 3

I got to the address but I saw no one there,I tried to call the number but it was switch off,I tried to
asked some passers by if they have seen
anyone but all if them denied seeing anyone
so I had no choice than to wait,few minutes
later I saw two girls walking towards my
direction,one of them is dark in complexion,
average in height and about my age but the
other is slender, tall and fell in complexion but
she look younger than the other one and
beautiful as well.

“Hello miss Cynthia,I know that you will
come,its very hard to believe that the one you
have loved all your life is cheating on you
right, don’t worry I am sure you would find
another guy that is far better than him”
one of the girls said to me as they approach me.

“What do you mean by Dave is cheating on me
and with who?”,
I asked very confused.

“He is cheating on you big time and not only
with the two of us but with some other girls
as well and I can prove it”,
the other girl

“No I don’t believe you because my David can never cheat on me”I replied in a very harsh toon.

“We just told you that we can prove it”.

“I don’t care about your stupid prove you can
take it elsewhere”,
I replied and made to live
but they stop me”.

“Miss Cynthia you are carrying a child for
David right and you just came back from the
hospital to find out how old the pregnancy
the first girl replied and shocked me with 

her words”

“What how did you know,it doesn’t matter and
we told you that we have proved”, 
the second girl replied.

“And not only that my dear,he travelled for his
younger sister birthday and stayed for almost
two weeks right,miss Cynthia have you asked
yourself why he stayed for two weeks for just
a birthday that wouldn’t even take up to one
day,he spend one week with me in a hotel and
five day in his parents house,”
first girl replied pointing to the second girl.

“This is the receipt he used in paying for one
week for both of us, he throw the receipt on
the floor but I picked it up because I need
prove to be able to tell you all this but that is
not why we are here,we are here to save

“I got pregnant for David like you did and he
told me not to get rid of it and that he will
speaks to his parents and they will come see
mine and he told me to go find out how old
the pregnancy is and I told him after finding
out about it ,the next morning he woke me up
for breakfast and I followed him to the table
and joined him,we hate bread and tea but i
didn’t know that he add drugs to my tea and
now my womb is damaged and that was about
8 months ago,he didn’t cheated on you with
me tough because by then you two were just
friends but i don’t want you to end up like I
did even tough I will make David pay for what
he did to me”,
the second girl said to me with tears in her eyes and I felt very sorry for her.

“But how did you know that he drugged you?”,
asked very confused.

“that day I got home and started bleeding and
God send Ijeoma my friend here to visit me
and she met me in a pool of blood and rushed
me to the hospital,That was when the doctor
told us that I have been drug by someone
who want to get rid of my pregnancy and my
womb has been damaged because of it,I told
David about it but he put the blame on me by
telling me that I shouldn’t have go behind his
back to abort the pregnancy and he broke up
with me, i told Ijeoma about it and he was
very mad at him”

” Let me continue from there aminat,” 
the first girl Ijeoma cuts in.

“Seeing aminat in that condition really make
me mad so I Decided to see this David that
did this to her and make him pay but on
getting there I met the same guy who has
been asking me to be his girlfriend for two
months now so I quickly used that as an
advantage and accept him because that is the
only way I can revenge for aminat here,look
here is the spare key I collected from his
bunch of keys and this is aminat pictures I
took her when she was at the hospital, I took
those pictures so we can use it to get him
arrested but we changed our mind when we
find out that he is the same guy that has
been asking me out because we know that is
the best way to have our revenge”.
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