Love Story : Careless Love, Season 4 Episode 5

Love Story : Careless Love, Season 4 Episode 5

“Is good that you have tought about it very well miss so just give me sometime to fix an appointment then I will call you back”.

“No you dont get it nurse i want an abortion and i want it right now”.

“Is not that I can’t help you with it but you have got to understand that the doctor have no idea about about this so we can’t do it in his presence”.

“Then find another way because I want to get rid of this baby today and I don’t care how I do it”.

“Alright miss,the only way we can do this is at my house and I am not sure if you can make it there”.

“How can I not make it there,listen just text the address to me and I will be there right now”
” Not so fast miss,you can’t possibly come now because I will be off work by 4pm so you have to come by then”.

“Is already 2:30 already so why don’t you text the address to me and I will start getting ready”.

“Alright then I will text it to you immediately but I need you to do me a favour”.

“I hope you are not trying to postpone it because I will just look for somewhere else”.

“No is not that miss”
“So then what is it?”.

“I don’t want you to eat any solid food from now till two hours after the abortion”.

“Oh just that,don’t worry I won’t take any solid food,just text me the address so I can start coming”.

“Alright miss I will send it to you immediately, take care and see you soon”.

“Alright see you bye”.

I ended the call and quickly rushed to the bank to withdrew some money for her payment, I left the bank by 3:15 and went to the address she send to me,I got there and she is not yet back so I sat down at her veranda to wait for her,I brought out my phone from my bag and saw 17 missed call from David,why is he calling me now or did he want to hurt me like he did to Ijeoma,I ignored his calls and kept my phone,the nurse arrived at exactly 4:13 pm and we went into her apartment. 

“So miss Cynthia what can I offer you”,
she said to me as soon as we enter her apartment”.

“Oh nothing nurse,let just get to why I am here so I can go back immediately”.

“We will go to that but I want to be sure if you are doing this from your mind”.

“Of course is from my mind and I know what I want”.

“But what about the father of the baby,have you told him about what you are about to do”.

“Listen nurse I don’t have time for questions now,do you want to do this or not”.

“Alright then let’s get down to business since you don’t want to talk to me”.

“Yes but hope it won’t hurt”.

“I am sure this is your first time”.

“Yes it is my first time”

“Don’t worry its going to be a little painful but it won’t take long and i will give you some drugs to breakdown the pains so let’s go to my room”.

Aright then,I replied and followed her to her room and she performed the abortion in few minutes.

“Hope you are not feeling much pains”,
she said to me after the abortion.

“No i am just having a little pains under my waist”.

“You must surely fill pains under your waist after an abortion but don’t worry it will die down in no time,here take this drugs and drink it every morning and evening for three says even tough the pain die down or not OK”.

“Yes I will,thank you very much nurse,you have really been helpful to me”.
“Oh is nothing miss just follow the step I have told you”.

“Alright how much am I paying you”.

“Just give me anything you have from your mind
“You mean I should give you anything from my mind?”.

“Yes dear,I understand that you are only a student so you can give me anything”.

“Thank you so much,please manage this token of 5000naira”.

“Wow this is more than what I charged”.

“Just managed it,you deserve more than that”.

“Thank so much and don’t forget to call me if you need anything or if you feel like talking to someone,you can reach me with that number I gave you at the hospital”.

“Alright I will but I have to go now I will give you a call when I get home and thanks a lot once again”.

“You are welcome once again,
 she replied and saw me off.

I got to my apartment and met the door open,who could have opened the door of my apartment,I said to myself as I walked in,I walked in and I was shocked to see David staring at me angrily.

“Hi Dave, are you back from lectures already?”
,I asked him trying to start a conversation but he ignored my question instead

“where are you coming from by this time Cynthia,
 he asked me very angrily.

To be continued..... .
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