Love Story : Careless Love Season 4 Episode 4

Love Story : Careless Love Season 4 Episode 4

Is OK Cynthia just try to avoid him as much
as you can and get rid of this baby yourself
before he do it himself because I don’t want a
fellow girl like me to make the same mistake I
make but I know that David will pay for this,”.

“But how did you too get to know about me
and my pregnancy?,”

“Listen miss Cynthia we have tried all we can
for you but we can’t disclosed such
information to you because it is private”,the
first girl Ijeoma replied.

“I have another proved for you because you
are still doubting us and I don’t want you to
make the same mistakes I made,here is the
paper Ijeoma signed as my best friend before
the doctor removed my womb so I can live
but if you still don’t believed us then so be
the second girl aminat replied and gave me a paper.

I looked at it and its just as they has said
it,Ijeoma signed so aminat womb can be
removed because aminat parents are not
there and the only person available is Ijeoma,
I really felt pity for Ijeoma but what is done is
done and nothing can change that and I prayed in my heart not to get into the situation she is now because I am pregnant for David as well.

“But how can you be dating David without
introducing him to your friend Ijeoma here?”,
asked aminat just to be sure of what they are saying before making any decision.

“Well you know how we girls are about
boyfriend, we are afraid of losing our
boyfriend to our friends so we hardly

introduced them,”.

“Yea you are right about that I am really sorry
about David once more and I will be praying
for you”.

“Well thank you but we have to go now please
think about what we said OK and have a nice
Ijeoma replied.

“Wait please can I reach you with the number
you called me with so I can call you after
confronting him and tell you what he said”.

“So you are planning to confronting him do
you think he will tell you the truth please just
get rid of that child in your womb before it
becomes a barrier to your life or even your
education and as for reaching us that is not
possible just think about what we
said,goodbye and have a lovely day”,
replied and they left.

i felt really convinced about what they said after they left, So David actually did this to me after all we have been trough together he have the guts to do this to me,noooooo I must find a way to punish him and I don’t care about what will happen between the both of us now but he must pay for this,but the question is how can I make him pay?should I really get rid of the pregnancy as Ijeoma and aminat told me? but what if they are not telling the truth then i will be making a fool out of myself and that may destroy my relationship with David but if they are not telling the truth then how did they find out about my pregnancy or should I confront David about this and get his opinion, oh Cynthia you are stupid how can you even think that he will tell you that he is guilty, he will deny it for sure just as they as said but what do I do now and I really need someone to talk to now before I do something rash but i can’t possibly go talk to Micheal and Jane about this because they will be very mad at me if they get to know that I am pregnant and Micheal can tell mom and dad about it and that means more trouble but I need to do something or should I abort the baby as they as said,i think they are telling the truth and they really want to help me like they said because they really have a lot of prove but could david really want to drug me as they say but people are hard to be trusted this days and i cant put my life on the line because of this baby so this is my chance to get rid of it because for all i know david may be planning to drug me now and i am here talking about trust.

I quickly called the
nurse at the hospital.
” hello nurse this is
Cynthia David that came to the hospital where you work this morning”.

“Yes miss Cynthia I remember you so have you made up your mind about what to do with the pregnancy?”.

“Yes I have tought about it very well and I am ready to get rid of the
pregnancy right now”.

To be continued..... .
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