Love Story : Careless Story , Season 4 Episode 9

Love Story : Careless Story , Season 4 Episode 9

“No I trust Dave parents so much and I am sure they can never do such a thing to us”.

“Don’t be so sure Cynthia”
“But why could they even want to do something like that to me”.

“Are they aware of your relationship with their son”.

“No I don’t think they were aware until David told his mom about the pregnancy but I don’t think she has told his dad about it before all this happened because David told me his dad travelled for a business meeting at that time”.

“Then it could be that his mom planned all this without his father’s consent”.

“Cynthia you should know all this things,you are no longer a kid”.

“That’s what I am trying to figure out but I can’t see any reasons”.

“Listen she is a mother and all mother’s want the best for their children, it could be that she is not happy about her son getting married at this age and she is afraid that his future may be ruined if he got married because he is still in school,all parents must have that feeling or it could also be that she is afraid of losing his attention to you because he is her only son,all mother’s are like that and you might do the same thing if you are in her shoes and I wouldn’t blame her if she is behind all this because she knew that her son would not listen to her if she told him not to marry you and she knew that the only way to stop David from getting married to you is by convincing you to get rid of the child and you wouldn’t do it if she ask you to do it nicely so she did it in her own way”. 

“she will always have his attention and he will not neglect his studies if we get married”.
” you never can tell and you know its not easy to cope with being a father and a student”.

“Dave has always been serious about studying and nothing can change that”.

“Listen we are not yet sure that she is behind it yet so all we have to do is watch her and the only way you can do that is by getting together with David”.

“But how could she have known that I went to the hospital to confirmed how old the pregnancy is and how could she even know the exact date and time”.

“When did David called her and informed her of the pregnancy”.

“I think it is the same day I went to confirmed how old the pregnancy is”.

“Then she could have ask about you and David told her where you went and what you went to do because it concerns the pregnancy”.

“Oh my God Tracy i don’t want to believe this”.

“Open your eyes Cynthia,so many things are happening around you that you don’t know”.

“Still I don’t believe that David mom could do this to me”.

“Alright then if you say so”.

“I just hope I find out who that person is soon enough so I can pluck out his or her eyes”.

“Then you better start plucking yours out because you are also to blame for listening to everything they say to you”.

“Why do you always have to remind me of my mistake all the time”.

“I just want to remind you that you are also to blame for everything that is happening to you and nor just the people behind this”.

“Alright I have heard you but please stop reminding me because it makes me feel stupid”.

“Alright but what about your else roommate Sonia”.

“Oh Sonia, I really hope that she is OK anywhere she is”.

“Remember you told me that you two always fought about Dave and she always threatened to make sure you both never end up together”.

“Yes I remembered the day she left very well,she threatened to do everything in her power to make sure Dave and I don’t end up together”.

“So don’t you think that she may be behind all of this because she knew you so well”.

“Sonia no no no,I don’t think so all those things she said are just mere words to scare me away from Dave because she love him and want to be with him and by the way she didn’t even know that I am pregnant”.

“Don’t trust people so much Cynthia, this girl threatened you before leaving your apartment and you say she is saying mere words, maybe she is carrying out her threat”.

“No don’t even go there,I am sure she isn’t behind all this .

“alright if that’s what you think but just be sure that if you keep on trusting people then we won’t find out who did this to you and it is better we figure out who did this because the person maybe planning something else”.

” I remembered I told madam Sandra also,I didn’t told her but she was the one that carry out urine test on me but she didn’t knew I went to confirmed how old it is at the hospital”.

“You mean madam Sandra that sell drugs close to David apartment right”.

“Yes she confirmed my pregnancy with a urine test and she may be behind all this”.

“But she didn’t know that you went to confirmed it at the hospital right”.

“yes she didn’t know about it but I told her to give me some drugs to get rid of the child behind David back”.

“Cynthia how can you even do such a thing”.

“I didn’t know what to do at that time, I was just so confused”.

“If not that you were my friend I wouldn’t have stand by you but what about the nurse who aborted the baby for you”.

“she is ok”.

“I am also suspecting her as well because she was the one who came to tell you that she can abort the child for you”.

“yes that is true Tracy because she work at the hospital and she knew the exact date and time I went to find out how old the pregnancy is”.

“yes she is suppose to be our number one suspect”.

“I think we should go to the hospital and talk to her”

“but why should we do that”.

“because I have no business with the nurse and if she is behind it then somebody must have paid her to do it as well”

“yes you are right but we are not sure it is her yet”.

“but we can find out by talking to her”.

“Alright but that is going to be after you are strong enough bit I doubt she will tell us anything even if she is behind it”.

“Thank you so much Tracy you are a true friend”.

“is ok all i want is for you to be strong and that means we have four suspect now including Sonia but the funniest thing is that they might not even be the one behind all of this but Let’s forget about that for now,here I brought you food because you might be hungry by now”.

“No I am not hungry,I just want to see Dave”.

“Cynthia please just eat first and I promised you will see Dave but that will be after you have ate and rest so you can be physically fit OK and after that I will do everything I can to make him come and see you”.

 I replied and ate some of the food and rest,I woke up and saw Dave sitting beside me.

To be continued. . ... .
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