Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1 Episode 3

Love Story : Unplanned Love, Season 1 Episode 3

As adeola entered her car (kia cerato), she remembered the day small dad presented it to her, on her graduation day. ‘’May God bless that man for me’’ she said unconsciously said it loud. Her mind suddenly flashed to what her dad just told her. How could he have called Alex her sweetheart? She remembered when she was six, that alex and his parent would come and pay them a visit in which she and her parent reciprocated those visit before her mum died. They were playing mate then. 

They always played with their toys together. She remembered her grandma use to call them ‘’oko ati iyawo’’ (husband and wife). Even though alex was two years older than her, they both behave like age mate. Some of their school teachers then call him ‘’oyinbo’’ because he was half cast. Mrs okoh is a white American who meet her husband in U.S.A when he came for further studies. They both fell in love and after three month, they got married. Adeola remembered Mrs okoh telling her about her love life with mr okoh. Mr okoh’s family where surprised to see her because they all thought she will never come to Nigeria. 

The where all amazed when her husband told them she has come to stay permanently. Her mind went bank to alex again, she wondered what he will look like. Although she as seen him in some of pictures he uploaded on Facebook. 

They have only chat few times on Facebook when they both meet online and sometimes alex do send offline message in which she doesn’t reply. When she login, she check latest status, uploaded pictures and videos of her friends. Ever since she has opened her clothing store, she uploads pictures of most the collections in her store in which lots f people respond to. Has she entered her shopping complex, she was greeted by one of her sales girl. 

Ma, there is a woman waiting for you Ronke said. ‘’Good morning ma’’ adeola greeted the woman. ‘’Morning, am Mrs Fayeye, I was the one that called you this morning’’. ‘’I remembered, what can I d for you’’ asked adeola. ‘’I got to know about your shop from one of my friends Seyi Dara, I guess you knw her’’ she asked. ‘’Yes she is one of my favourite customer’’ answered adeola.

Okay, As you can see, I am in my early pregnancy and I will like to buy some maternity wear because I will soon outgrow the ones I have’’ said Mrs feyeye. Adeola smiled at the woman. ‘’So can you be of help in getting them’’ asked the woman with a smile. Adeola opened her tab, open to where she has collections of maternity wears and gave her the tab for her to choose. Twenty minutes later, the woman as picked ten different wears and her measurement have be taken by Mariam. Adeola told her to come and pick up her order by Wednesday next week

To be continue...... 
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